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TIre popped making no way to get to work

One of our best employees unexpected had a tire blow up on the side of the road on the way to work today. She is a hard working, single mom who got her self off of all assistance but money is still tight since she is providing for her 3 daughters and late husbands mother. She never misses work, never calls in sick but is worried her spare won't last long. She is looking to just get the one tire replaced for now.
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Newly Sober Man needs help with car payment to keep job

Man who is newly sober needs help with car payment this month. He had a son at 15 who tragically passed away when the boy was 6 and it was recently the anniversary of the death day so he went to visit the grave out of state and he missed 4 days of work putting him behind this month. This man has been a loyal driver for us at Red's Savoy Pizza in shakopee but needs his car to continue to drive. Thank you for considering.
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