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Dan’s Journey to Recovery

Dan has made the brave decision to prioritize his own recovery and well-being after years of supporting others through their struggles. As part of this journey, he's found a sober house that he believes will provide him with the environment and resources he needs to continue moving forward on the path to sobriety. However, there's a significant hurdle in Dan's way – the deposit required to secure his spot in the sober house. Due to his circumstances, he's unable to cover this expense on his own, despite all the help he's given to others over the years.
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Bringing Hope and Stability to a Remarkable Survivor

Meet Elizabeth. Elizabeth made the courageous decision to leave her abuser some time ago, escaping a life of fear and turmoil. While this decision was undoubtedly the right one, it came with its own set of challenges. Adjusting to a life without the abuser's income has been incredibly tough, and she now finds herself struggling to make her $700 car payment, a lifeline that helps her maintain her full-time job in the recovery field. Your generous donation will not only ease this financial burden but also provide vital stability to someone who dedicates her life to helping others. Your support can ensure that Elizabeth continues her mission. Checks payable to capital one. Account number is required. Contact affiliate for account number.
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Unfortunately, the client called and stated that his dear cat has passed away.
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Treatment Funding Gap

A woman in Scott County community is fighting for her sobriety and needs outpatient treatment. Unfortunately, her Medicare policy has made this difficult. We were able to find a local treatment center willing to scholarship 99% of her treatment costs but we need $200 for her portion of the treatment fees.
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