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Money/NAPA Gift Cards for Car Parts

UPDATE: Though we have not received any monies, we have gained more people who need car service. Added below is another individual with a part need. This Saturday, we are offering free car service (labor) but truly do need either some cash for parts or NAPA gift cards would also be a great option. Happy to give donation receipts for either. You may have seen a few needs come thru for families with car troubles. Our JLWB project of Every Child Every Church is dedicated in addressing transportation issues that many low income families face. This is no easy feat, but through coalition organizations referring families in need of car maintenance and hard working volunteers, we believe we can facilitate progress in this area. Our dedicated volunteers also give hands on training to the vehicle owner on how to maintain their vehicle to keep it in working order. What we are not able to do at this point is to cover the expenses for any needed parts the families may need for their vehicle so we are asking for donations of funds for parts. Currently, we are trying to help 3 families with the following: 1. wheel speed sensor -- $80 2. Shocks -- $250 3. Left Sway Bar -- $25 4. rear wheel bearing -- $85 ---------------------------------- Total = $440 but any amounts are being accepted to help these families and others in the future. All extra monies would go to serve others in need of car repair.
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Shelter for Homeless Family

Homeless family of 5 that was residing at a local hotel has now been locked out of their room bc of past due bill. Their items are being kept until bill is paid. Nightly rate is $55. The past due bill is $110. They would like to continue to stay there so would appreciate any additional funds to help pay for costs going forward. Family had been receiving SSI but bc of a mix of during transition, payment was returned to sender resulting in the need to resubmit. Family will receive the next check on Tuesday.
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