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Single mom w/ 2 special needs children moving

I have a current long time tenant that I'm moving out to a smaller one of my rental units. Her husband split leaving her with kids and a damaged home. I can't keep her in her current home with the high rent and current client/owner and lease. We're looking to have her Security Deposit and possibly 1st months rent covered on a lower income home. I'm helping with and handling the move and clean out of her current rental home. She has been a renter of mine for 6+ years and I hope to not loose her because of her poor situation. I know this is a large ask for the community, but I thought I would give it a try as any help with funds would go such a long way with this family. I'm hoping we can help my tenant cover any part of her $1000 security deposit and $1000 1st months rent. We are trying to get the family filed with county assistance as well and hope for anything additional. Husband refuses to communicate or sign any paperwork to help. Thank you for any and all help you can give. Thank you FISH Community!
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