What is needed:
Meet Windy! She is a Springer mix with a heart of gold and overflows with love and energy. She and her owner enjoy daily walks, retrieving in the near by wildlife refuge and being together. Both Windy and her owner have been through challenges in their past and have been able to help each other heal from divorce, abandonment, health issues, and high anxiety. Unfortunately a very large growth has appeared on Windy’s stomach and threatens their new found friendship and secure life. The vet has estimated the total cost for the tumor removal will be $1600, and her owner would also like to have her spayed for $450 so the possibility of new growths will be lessened. Her owner has been working 2 jobs to make ends meet but due to the increased high cost of living has not been able to save the money quick enough to have the emergency surgery Windy needs. Her surgery is scheduled for the 27th of February.

Cost: $1600 – Donate Online Today!

What Created the need:
Unfortunately, the owner does not qualify for any programs that might offer any assistance with animal care or non-profit veterinary clinics. The need cost is $1600, but would also appreciate the consideration of the added on expense of the spaying which is $450.

Bethany Tjornhom
16049 Franklin Tr SE #104 MN 55372
(952) 440-3600
email: btjornhom@fishpartnernetwork.org

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