Help The Outpost Center kickstart a trade’s ministry for those in need at the beautiful “Sunny Hill Farm” in cologne 

We need participants along with mentors, volunteers, and tradesmen. We also are looking for financial, building and tool donations. Most importantly we need your prayers!

Goals of the program:

  1. Help people get out of poverty, and other struggles to start a new legacy through a 21-week trades program (such as carpentry) from our expert teachers.
  2. Surround them with a community from The Outpost and volunteers to receive life-mentoring and Christian discipleship.
  3. Send them out with a new plan and a new purpose with one of our vetted connections in the trades.

More details of the program:

Specifically, this program will include a trade’s component, along with Christian discipleship, and personal mentoring, all in the context of a caring community.

This program is designed for those that are coming out of broken or challenging circumstances in life.  These candidates will not only need to be found and vetted but will also require holistic investment and support to succeed.  To help in this process, it is the intent of The Outpost to partner with organizations that already have relationship with the potential candidates and are currently investing in them in other ways.

  • Age – The target age for participants in the program 18-26 and they must be out of high school. That said, older students are permitted if space is available and the situation compelling.
  • Spiritual Hunger – The student does not have to have significant knowledge or background in Christian faith. Simply put, their desire to go on the spiritual journey with Christ is more important than where they are starting on that journey.
  • Challenging Circumstances – This program is meant for those that are struggling with life. Whether from a criminal past, substance abuse, broken home, or some other situation, this program is meant to give people from those backgrounds the hope found in a life with Christ, a community that loves and believes in them, and the practical skills to contribute to society and provide for themselves.

Contact: for more information or call (952) 475-809

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