A sweet, loving and caring 3 year old girl who has been diagnosed with Alport Syndrome- A genetic condition that causes kidney disease, hearing loss and eye abnormalities.  Her kidney function has deteriorated significantly and she is in need of a kidney transplant.  Her mother donated a kidney to her father therefore neither of them are able to donate a kidney to her.  As her family awaits a donor, they are starting to prepare for the financial cost of a kidney transplant.  Once the transplant is completed and Piper is discharged from the hospital, she will need to stay in Rochester for 30 days for daily checkups and blood work.  Looking for financial support to pay for housing/lodging during their 30 days in Rochester.

A huge thank you to the City of Savage employees for donating $119.00!  This is a great start to helping this family.  The total cost for the families stay in Rochester is $4000.00.  If you want to donate to help Piper please use the PayPal link below.







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1615 Weston Court
Shakopee, MN