You are a valued FISH Partner, and we thank you for your attention to a need which has been submitted to the network.

What is needed:
Mom and dad of a 9 year old are very good at co-parenting but they live an hour apart from each other. Mom now has the opportunity to move closer to her son’s father and her son, which means she will get more time with her son as well. Unfortunately mom is downsizing from a large three bedroom to a one bedroom apartment. There is a need for a large roll-off (dumpster) to get rid of the stuff she cannot take with her. She has already donated everything she can. All together the roll-off will cost around $850. Please consider a partial donation to this large need! Thank you!

What Created the need:
We are hoping to have the roll-off by the last week of January. This will give her plenty of time to get everything out and the unit cleaned. Her hearts desire is to be closer to her son and she’s in total disbelief that this is happening.

If you would like to help fill this need please use the link below. Thank you for your support!

I want to help this mom!

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