Please join FISH in supporting our Veterans!  Our 2nd Thursday Program this month will feature Veterans Court the great work being done by the Scott County Veterans Service Office, and the Scott County Court system.    This program helps veterans avoid jail and prison sentences on the condition that they work on the root causes of their criminal behavior, which are often issues with addiction and mental health. Experts involved in this program will be giving firsthand accounts about how the program works. A part of this program is giving veteran’s rewards of taking the necessary steps to get their lives back on track.  One way of doing this is by giving out gift cards for gas, food, and Uber rides to their appointments.  We are inviting you to join FISH in donating $20.00 gift cards or donating directly to the program and together we will truly help our Veterans live healthy, transformed lives. Thank you for your support!

If you want to donate directly with PayPal, please use the link below.


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