Happy Halloween everyone!

Here are a few needs regarding car repairs that haven’t been filled yet.

The first need: Formerly homeless individual is in need of her heat to be repaired on her car. She uses her vehicle to get to her part time employment. (Client has severe mental health issues that prohibits her from full time employment.) Without working heat, she is at risk of potentially getting into an accident as she constantly needs to pull over and try to defrost or wipe off her windshield so she can drive safely. Weather is getting colder which is why this need is urgent. In addition to the heater, she also has two broken pumps that should be replaced for the washer fluid. Please consider helping this young adult so that she can continue to work and commute to needed appointments.https://helpnow.fishpartnernetwork.org/need/urgent-car-repair-2/

The second need: I am working with a single parent whose vehicle needs significant repairs. This parent has had multiple childcare and other expenses. This parent is working with the agency to have their child assessed for support services. Parent travels a distance for work and is employed full-time. Parent’s employer has been incredibly supportive to their family and parent needs a working vehicle to maintain their employment. Parent got an estimate for the repairs and overall estimate for all needed repairs is about $3600. However, the most immediate needs total about $2200. Parent feels they will be able to contribute towards the repair, but they do not have the full amount. We are asking for help with $1700. Any help towards this need would be greatly appreciated and thank you for considering.https://helpnow.fishpartnernetwork.org/need/vehicle-repairs-needed-3/

The third need: This mother and son duo are doing all that they can to stay together while being asked to leave from their residence (out by the end of October). Client is seeking help to afford her automotive fixes. She has already bought all of the parts on her credit card but now needs help affording the tow and the repairs to the vehicle. She did receive a response to help her cover $500 of the labor. Now, to cover the remainder of the labor ($300) and the cost of the tow ($100), she is seeking assistance for $400.https://helpnow.fishpartnernetwork.org/need/automotive-assistance-2/

Remember, any little bit helps!

Have a great week everyone!

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