This need has been filled by our generous FISH Partner Network! THANK YOU!

What is needed:
UPDATE: WARNERS’ STELLIAN IS OFFERING A DISCOUNT ON A BRAND NEW UNIT, INSTALLED, FOR $1,189. ANY AMOUNT DONATED TOWARDS THIS NEED WOULD BE APPREICATED! A used and in working condition pre-stacked or stackable washer and dryer set. Type: Electric Reinforced Washer Hose ui Semi-Rigid Dryer Vent 3 Prong Dryer Cord. Clients live in an apartment that allows for a washer/dryer unit but the space available is limited. Room Size: 27 inches Width 47 inches Length 87 inches Height. Due to the amount of space available, the washer and dryer must be stacked.

Cost: $1,189

What Created the need:
Family of 4 in need of a washer/dryer. Family just welcomed their 2nd child on Dec 28th, 2020 and have a 2-1/2 year old daughter. Family was homeless for a brief moment while moving from one apartment complex to another. Much money was spent for that transition. They moved into the new apartment in South St. Paul mid -December and even though both parents were working, the mother had to take off of work early due to pregnancy complications. Income has been reduced due to only one parent working and bills piling up. Clients are hoping to find a used washer and dryer to help save costs for trips to get laundry done with their newly expanded family.


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