What is needed:
My client has been crushing it with the new start to her life! She has secured an apartment here at Passageways, she has enrolled her daughter in daycare, and she is in the process of starting a new job. She has a career goal of being an Eye Lash Technician and has begun practicing the craft. She would like to go into business but needs a certification. The cost is approximately $2000, and she has begun to save towards it. She was contacted by a friend that states that her shop is looking for an Eye Lash Technician and my client would love to work there. The classes only take 5 days (38 hours) and she could start the job immediately after getting her certification. We are hoping that we could get some financial assistance to help her get started as soon as possible so she can begin her career and provide for herself and her daughter. Thank you!!

Cost: $2000

What Created the need:
From Client: Thank you for considering helping me with this certification! I am super excited for the opportunity and am hopeful that this will be a new beginning for me and my daughter!

Holly Lien
The Link – Passageways
13780 McKenna Rd NW MN 55372
email: hlien@thelinkmn.org

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