We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. Here is a need that came in this morning we wanted to put out again, and remember, even though the number looks big, every little bit goes a long way for this family.

Here is the need:

What is needed:
We have an amazing family at HB that is currently supported by McKinney Vento, a program used to support families that are experiencing homelessness. There are two phenomenal students that are currently attending HB. Parent of the two students has recently gotten a great opportunity and landed a great job. The job requires here to start at 8:00 each day. In order to accommodate the work schedule she needs to drop off her students before school starts and pick them up after the school day ends. We are reaching out to find a partner that could help support the cost of the before and after school cost. Mornings are our greatest priority right now and the cost for that is $1,417. We would love to request am and pm and that cost would be $2,398. Thank you for considering and please call me with any questions. Thank you!!

Cost: $2398 – Donate Online Today!


Have a great week!

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