Winter Activities – Three Rivers Parks & Scott County Library

 Date: January 14, 2021

FISH welcomed 35 attendees to the January 14 meeting. FISH filled 17 needs in December with a value of $6,805. Patty Freeman, General Manager of Scott County Parks, which is partner of Three Rivers Parks, called attention to the Parks Advisory Commission made up of Scott County citizens, as a way for people to become involved with the county parks. They are also featuring a Recreation Pass Plus program which provides park amenities at reduced or no cost to eligible county residents. Grant Armour, Recreation Program Specialist, provided information on all of the winter park activities. Much information is contained on the attached PowerPoint. They have a great website,, which is explained in the PowerPoint. There are specific trails for each activity. Some activities include bringing your dogs to enjoy the snow. In addition to Walking and Hiking, equipment is also available to rent for Snowshoe, Cross Country Skiing, Skijor, Kick Sled, Fat Biking, Regional Trail Biking and Ice Fishing. Reservations can be made in advance along with equipment rental. The recreation Pass Plus Card is available to people who are already enrolled in a number of services. Information is contained in the PowerPoint. In response to a question, The Landing, located just outside of Shakopee, is open from 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. for walking. Family programs such as snowshoeing, are really popular and online programs are also taking off. Scott County Librarians Cindy Purser and Paula LaFrenierre introduced a number of books they recommend as great winter reads. They provided little hints of each book, which are included in the PowerPoint. Their website with information on each library and their newsletter is Someone asked about local authors. Cristina Oxtra, who was at the meeting, is a local author of children’s books. Along with other local authors, there are several of her books in the library’s collection:

Next month’s 2nd Thursday meeting will feature Together We Can on February 11. A flyer will be sent out soon.

January 14 2021 Winter Reads                      Jan 14 2021 Three Rivers

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