Please read the following need and help make it a worry free Wednesday for this hard working mom of 3!

 If you have any mechanical advice or wisdom regarding  this need please contact us.

What is needed:
Help from someone who knows about catalytic converters. There was an attempt to remove this one so it just drags. Not safe for driving, but she needs to drive to Hennepin Tech and bring her son to kindergarten 5 days a week. A mechanic needs to assess if the current one is repairable or if it needs to be replaced.

28 Days Left

What Created the need:
This mom is from Shakopee, but is currently living in Chaska so she can afford to go to college. Her income is from MFIP, so pretty limited. If someone can advise her how to proceed, that would be helpful.

Molly Koivumaki
Beyond New Beginnings

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