The following needs have been filled through FISH! Thank you for your generosity!

Posted by: Burnsville-Eagan-Savage Schools Affiliate
Filled by: Glendale Methodist Church
A single mother of a student at a local elementary school just started a new job and no longer qualifies for Free Breakfast/Lunch. The student currently has an outstanding balance of $430.00 and this balance in considering of her new wage is not feasible financially at this time and is creating significant financial concerns. (Glendale donated $1,000 towards unpaid lunch accounts)

Posted by: CAP Agency Affiliate
Filled by: Shakopee Community Assistance Affiliate
Single mom living on limited resources is looking for a small heater to use in her infant son’s room. She lives in an old building with electric heat. The electric bill has been extremely high. She is hoping to turn down the one thermostat enough to help ease the bills and then use the space heater for their heat source. Due to this being for an infant child’s room I am requesting the condition of the heater to be new or very gently used.

Posted by: CAP Agency Affiliate
Filled by: Trinity Church, Lakeville
I am working with a mom whose son has some behavior challenges and sensory issues. Mom has being a good advocate for her child and reaching out for help for her family. She recently enrolled him in a speech and occupational therapy and there has being a tremendous change in the boy’s life. Her son will be needing weighted vest, small ticket items like chewy, skin stimulation brushes to help with sensory to set him up for success when going to pre-school. If anyone has these items to donate or would like to contribute in buying them for the family we will be grateful. She has being working full time to support her family but is currently pregnant and has to limit her work hours and currently living on the little support coming in. She plan working full time after delivery to sustain her family.

Posted by: Scott County HHS Affiliate
Filled by: Friendship Church Affiliate
I am working with a mom, that recently was offered a job, but is required to have black pants and black shoes. This mom is currently homeless and has been having to use the little money that she has for day-to-day survival needs. This mom is working really to get back on her feet and get a head in life. A gift card to Target or Walmart would help her be ready to start he new job. This mom is a hard worker and puts in the extra effort to work towards her goals. Being able to work provides with a sense of purpose in meaning life, she is looking forward to have a reason to keep going by having the opportunity to go to work.

Posted by: Scott County Child Protection Worker
Filled by: FISH Affiliate and Scott County Employee
Gift card to Target for food and personal necessities, any amount will help. Single dad hasn’t been able to work because of having to go through a job change. He starts a new job next week but is struggling to buy food and personal care items needed for him and his son. Dad is a hard worker and responsible.

Posted by: Scott County HHS Affiliate
Filled by: Southern Valley Alliance for Battered Women
I am working with a newly single parent of 3 children who recently ended a verbally abusive relationship and filed for divorce. Her significant other was not only verbally abusive to her and the children but would also become very physical and although it was not towards his wife or children it was towards objects in the home. The children and mother express items that have been broken in the home as “triggers” for herself and the children and the children have been having significant behaviors due to the change in the home and the triggers around them. Examples of triggers/items needing to be fixed include:
-the fridge has a dent in it from being punched; the family has put a smiley face over it to cover it
-there are multiple bedroom doors and closet doors that have holes that have been punched in or kicked in (I have photos in regards to the extent of the damage)
-the front door does not have a seal and is causing heating issues
-walls have small holes/dents

Posted by: SMSC Community Services Affiliate
Filled by: Shakopee Community Assistance
Blue Similac formula needed. Resources appreciated.

Posted by: Scott County HHS Affiliate
Filled by: Affiliates of Friendship Church and St. Michael’s Catholic Church
I have been working with a family who has been working VERY hard over the past several months to improve the condition of their home. The mother has been struggling with depression, which was impacting her ability to maintain a safe home for her children. The family is now doing extremely well, however, their vacuum is no longer working. Additionally, the mother has been working very hard in her therapy and is is need of a journal to utilize as a part of her treatment goals. A file cabinet or file storage/organizer would also be helpful for this family to keep track of all of their documents now that the home is in a much better condition!

Posted by: River Valley YMCA
Filled by: Shakopee Community Assistance Affiliate and St. Michael’s Catholic Church Affiliate
In the Prior Lake client’s own words: “On November 16, 2019 my daughter was born she was not due till February 2,2020. She has suffered a grade four brain bleed (the most severe of brain injuries) on her left side and a grade 2 brain bleed on her right side. She struggles with breathing and other health issues. Her future is in known but it has been confirmed that she did suffer a traumatic brain I jury and her future is unknown at this time how badly this will have affected her development she is at high risk for CP and the best thing for people with CP is to be able to be in the water to help relax muscles. All of my other children have suffered a great deal of worry and stress and need to have a place they can go to let loose and relax. Because of her coming early and the bills pulling up due to my self being out of work now to be with her at the hospital every day and now she is home but still requires more care then a normal baby so my return to work will be delayed till an unknown date we sadly cannot afford the services a ymca membership could provide my family.”

Posted by: Scott County HHS Affiliate
Filled by: Next Chapter Technology and Sts. Joachim and Anne Parish
A single, Native American mother of a young son is in need of her car being fixed. This mom has addressed her own criminal charges and overcome homelessness. This mom has worked so hard to be where she is at today with her son. She has obtained a job and works so hard. She has found a scholarship to pay for 2500 for her car and needs the remaining $500 to get her car fixed. This car would make it so much easier to get to mental health services, school activities, cultural activities, and open up more job opportunities. Any help towards this request would be great for this family!

Posted by: Scott County HHS Affiliate
Filled by: Shakopee Community Assistance Affiliate and 2 St. Michael’s Catholic Church Affiliates
A mom just started a new part time job last week to make ends meet. She does not have the gas money to get to work this week. She will get her first check Friday which will help her with gas money going forward.

Posted by: Scott County HHS Affiliate
Filled by: Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church Affiliate and an Anonymous Donation
I am working with a single mother of 3 children who works two jobs to try and make ends meet for her family. The family has been through some significant trauma over the last 4 years due to a parent struggling with addiction and up and leaving the family with no warning and leaving them with nothing. This mom has been working very hard but is becoming very overwhelmed with appointments for herself and her children along with working two jobs, maxing out her credit cards financially and not being able to put as many hours in working due to appointments and family stressors. I am hoping to pull together some grocery cards, gas cards or even some money to put towards her monthly bills to offer some financial relief.

Posted by: Scott County HHS Affiliate
Filled by: Donation from Sts. Joachim and Anne Parish
I am working with a family where their 10 year old daughter has had some attendance issues and is now overwhelmed and has anxiety about attending school because she has fallen so far behind. the family would like to do a positive reinforcement chart that tracks when she goes to school on time and progress in regards to school work. The family is on a tight budget and is looking for help in regards to fun prizes for the child once she reaches her goal.

Posted by: Scott County HHS Affiliate
Filled by: Scott County Affiliate
I am working with a family of 10. The family has only one working car for everyone and it is in desperate need of an oil change. One parent works FT and the other is waiting for approval to go back to work FT after having an extremely premature baby. All funds from the working parent are going towards bills at this time and there is no money left over for car maintenance. The family is worried the car will quit running if they can’t get an oil change ASAP. Once the other parent is able to go back to work things like this should fit back into their budget. Thank you for considering.

Posted by: CAP Agency Affiliate
Filled by; Affiliates of Shakopee Community Assistance, Joe O’Connor State Farm Agency, and a Community Member
Single mom with three children is moving into a new apartment in Prior Lake next week. She is starting from scratch and needing everything to furnish her new apartment. At this time she is needing:
Twin bed w/mattress, Twin or larger bed w/mattress, kitchen table with 3 or 4 chairs, a highchair, living room couch and chair, end tables, dressers, kitchen appliances, TV, laundry bins, rugs, towels, bed sheets, comforters or blankets, pillows, etc.

Posted by: River Valley YMCA
Filled by: Affiliate of Holy Trinity Church, Prior Lake
19 year old single mother with a 1 year old son needs a little help with childcare while getting her high school diploma. She has no transportation and only has a grandma that lives in Bloomington, no parents that help her, and her only support system is her case worker. She is staying at a local community shelter for youth experiencing homelessness. Her plan is to get her high school diploma, then focus on getting a job so she can get back on her feet.
Note from the mother: “I’m a Young single mother That just needs a little help with childcare while I continue to get my high school diploma. I’m just starting my life so I don’t know all of the ropes but I can’t and won’t give up … ”

Posted by: CAP Agency
Filled by: Affiliates of Shakopee Schools, River Rock Church, Hope Lutheran Church, CAP Agency and Scott County
I have a client who had been long time homeless, finally secure a studio apartment in Belle Plaine. Due to living on the streets for several years, he has nothing to fill in his apartment. The space is small, so he doesn’t have room for a lot of things. What he definitely needs something to sleep in. Right now he is sleeping on the floor with a sleeping bag. We would like to find him a futon so that he can sleep on it at night and use it as a couch during the day. He could also use either a small coffee table or an end table. Maybe a small table (for 2) and a chair or two to go with it OR maybe a tv tray or two. He also needs Towels, silverware, pots and pans, a coffee pot, clothes basket or hamper, shower curtain, shower mat, shower caddy, small bathroom rack (there are no shelves or drawers in the bathroom), plunger, paper towel holder, light bulbs, kitchen trash can, a floor lamp.

Posted by: Scott County HHS Affiliate
Filled by: Affiliate of Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church, affiliate of Scott County HHS and a Carver County employee
I am working with a male who recently discharged from residential treatment. He is attending day treatment and would like to tryout for the Jordan high school baseball team, as he played baseball in the past and has a great arm! Kiddo’s family is on an extremely tight budget and cannot afford the new gear needed to play ball this spring. This would be a really positive outlet for kiddo and any help towards this need is greatly appreciated!

Posted by: Scott County HHS Affiliate
Filled by: Affiliate of Hope Lutheran Church
$72 dollars to pay off a late fine to an insurance company. The client is able to then pay for the fines to get her license back! This single mother is working hard to secure stable housing and has gained the self confidence back to get back into treatment and is even attending college classes. The mother is working hard to get her license back and has a $72 dollar fine to be paid. Any help would be great!

Posted by: Cap Agency Affiliate
Filled by: Affiliate of St. Michael’s Catholic Church
Single mom of 4 children is looking for a box spring and bed frame for her oldest daughter’s full sized mattress. Mom suffers from a lot of mental health issues making her unable to work a full time position and therefore keeping them in a financial hardship. Mom has been given some resources on a mental health facility and is open to seeking help for her mental health. If she can get her health managed she feels as if she will be able to commit to working more hours which will in turn better provide for her and the four children.

Posted by: Scott County HHS Affiliate
Filled by: Affiliate of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, New Prague and an Anonymous Donor
I am working with a single mom of four children. Mom is in between jobs and working very hard to find FT employment while also working through some personal issues. She does work a PT job that she has had for a while, but it isn’t offering a lot of hours at this time due to it being the off season. Mom reports things should pick up with the PT job in March. Mom was not expecting to have to change jobs so this has been a very tough time for her financially. Any help to catch her up on past due rent would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by: SMSC Community Services Affiliate
Partially Filled by: FISH Affiliate
Single mom of 5 is in desperate need of resources and donations to help towards overdue bills. Has applied for county assistance but does not have her youngest social security number. She has sent in twice for it now, waiting over 4 months. She cannot proceed without his SS number. Any assistance towards balance is greatly appreciated.

Posted by: CAP Agency Affiliate
Filled by: Community Members
Household furniture (anything helps!) Youth is hopefully moving on February 12th to his first ever apartment.

Posted by: Scott County HHS Affiliate
Filled by: Anonymous Donation
Child has been through a lot with his family this year (loss of his birthmother, dad’s alcohol addiction, witnessing domestic violence, and now dad is participating in an inpatient substance use/mental health program). His family is behind on their mortgage payment and struggling financially, especially now with dad being out of work and in treatment. The family has insurance but stepmom states that the copay is $75 for child to attend, which is not affordable right now. Child had been going to therapy but is now having to take a break due to finances. Parents acknowledge that he really needs to be processing all of this with a professional. They are behind $200 after paying for couple’s therapy and the child’s therapy from this fall.

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