What is needed:
March Mortgage Payment: $1,062.79 (Priority One) March Association Fee: $265.00 (Priority Two)

Cost: $1327.79 – Donate Online Today!

What Created the need:
I am working with a man in early stages of recovery. He has a long productive work history until the last couple of months when health concerns required repeated hospitalizations. He has entered into a residential treatment program that is anticipated to last about 30 days. Even with all of this he has managed to stay up to date on his bills but it took all his savings to do so. As he is unable to work while in residential treatment he is unable to pay his March mortgage payment and association fee. His goal is to obtain employment as soon as he returns home. As he is not behind on payments and this is a mortgage instead of rent he does not meet eligibility requirements for assistance programs. He is struggling emotionally with this request as taking care of his financial obligations has always been important to him . Any assistance in meeting this need would be extremely helpful since even though the client is very motivated he will need to step down to outpatient services to continue to address his recovery needs which will limit his ability to work two jobs, which is what he believes it would take to be able to pay overdue notices, late fee as well as ongoing bills.

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