What is needed:
I have been working with a client to help him exit homelessness. Client was finally able to get an apartment of his own and shortly after, had some medical issues come up where he was hospitalized. Ultimately, this lead to the client having to ask for a termination of his lease while he addressed his mental and physical health. I was able to help get the landlord to approve for a termination of his lease but they required 2-months rent in order to do so. Client had recently exited homelessness and had no means to pay these costs. I do not want him to have an additional barrier of an unlawful detainer on his record due to his inability to pay. This would further prevent him from finding a place to call home and he would likely have to return to the streets and/or shelters. Please consider blessing this young man.

Cost: $1396 – Donate Online Today!

What Created the need:
Client had a job lined up and was on his way to self-sufficiency before the deterioration of his mental and physical health took place. He has remained in contact with the employer and has been told that once he is well, they will again consider him for employment.

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