What is needed:Support with moving expenses are being requested for a family who has to move to a larger apartment. The great-grandmother of two children has taken physical custody of them and needs to move unexpectedly from her one-bedroom apartment to a different apartment that offers a 3-bedroom apartment to accommodate the now family of three. Her apartment building only offers one bedrooms, so she is forced to move elsewhere in order to care for the two children and provide an appropriate space for them to sleep. The grandmother is unable to cover the financial the moving costs due to having only social security income and is requesting support in paying for moving costs. The total cost for the moving truck and movers is $1,063.75.

Cost: $1063.75 – Donate Online Today!

What Created the need:
The great-grandmother is elderly and only receives her social security income. The moving costs are being put on her credit card but she has no way to pay them off. She had been in a subsidized apartment building that only offered one-bedrooms. Once the family is moved the issue should be resolved.


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