So far $100.00 has been donated!  This is a reminder that you don’t have to donate the entire amount, but if we all donate what we can, we can make such a difference to this veteran.  This network is so amazing and when we all work together amazing things happen!


What is needed:
$3,344 in back rent to maintain housing

Cost: $3344 – Donate Online Today!

What Created the need:
A vulnerable adult (VA) I am working with was financially exploited by a trusted individual in her life, and as a result she has lost $33,000. Historically this trusted individual has managed the VA’s finances, helped the VA apply for benefits, and reported the VA’s income per requirements of the VA’s housing program. Unfortunately, in addition to stealing money from the VA, the trusted individual failed to accurately report the VA’s income, and thus the VA now owes $3,344 to the housing program due to over-payment. The VA is facing eviction if the amount is not repaid, but thankfully the housing program has agreed to accept a payment plan. While this compromise is greatly appreciated, any additional payments are very challenging for the VA due to the money lost and being on a very strict budget. Thus, any assistance paying off the $3,344 debt to the housing program would be extremely appreciated and allow the VA to pick up the pieces and move forward on a more positive note. The recent months have unfortunately been very challenging, and I’m hoping we can help to lessen her burdens some.

Megan Westberg
Scott County
200 4th Ave W Minnesota 55379
(952) 496-8338

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