We all know how quickly things can spin out of control when car trouble comes knocking at your door.  One minor repair can create major financial difficulties in a person’s life, especially if it is unexpected.   To help eliminate some of the challenges caused by a break down, FISH is inviting you to lunch to discuss how local mechanics and the faith community can work together to create a “win-win” situation for each other and the community when it comes to helping with car repair.  We need each other, now more than ever, to help families have safe reliable transportation.   Here is a need that needs immediate attention:

What is needed:
I am working with a mother regarding drug exposure and environmentally hazardous conditions. The father has temporary full custody of the child while the mother works her case plan. This father is continuing to drive his child to a school that is 30 minutes away to keep some familiar faces and structure for his child. This father has stepped up in a big way for his son; but he is struggling. He drives 2 hours each day to get his child to and from school daily. Recently they were involved in a car accident on the way to school due to slippery road conditions. This father’s car is in a mechanics shop and it will cost $1880 to get the car out. The father has been sharing a car with family when he can. The father is missing work each night to leave and pick up his son from school, which reduces his hours and pay. He is able to come up with $600 right now. Any help would be appreciated as this father is doing his best, but these are tough times!  $350 has been donated so far – still needs $1550.

Cost: $1880 – Donate Online Today!

What is needed:
Family is in need of $2400 for an unexpected car repair. This is for a single grandmother who is a caregiver for her two grandchildren and uses the car to get to work, the kid’s school, and various appointments and visits. She is not able to cover this cost right now so anything will help.

Cost: $2400 – Donate Online Today!

What is needed:
A family is currently experiencing a need for affordable auto repair services. They need their car inspected and diagnosed, and also repairs/parts/labor for whatever is determined necessary after the inspection. The family needs free or discounted auto service due to financial need.

What Created the need:
This family is currently experiencing heavy financial stress, as the parents are both unable to work due to serious medical conditions and physical limitations. Due to the inability to work, the family is not able to afford auto services, and they just spent over a thousand dollars out of pocket on auto repairs before experiencing unemployment in late 2021. Parents plan to return to work after their medical needs/conditions have been addressed and treated.

I hope you will join us and be a part of the solution in helping people with transportation difficulties.

 Date: February 17, 2022

 Time: 12:00 pm

  Location: Dangerfield’s Restaurant, 1583 1st Ave E, Shakopee, MN 55379

  Please RSVP to Bethany Tjornhom at btjornhom@fishpartnernetwork.org

  Lunch will be provided!

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