What is needed:
UPDATE: COATS DONATED – STILL NEED QUEEN MATTRESS AND BOX SPRING – There is a family who is in need of winter coats and boots (10 year old male, junior size small/medium says his favorite color is teal and dark yellow), infant six month, women’s large, size 8 boots. Mom recently relocated to Shakopee after a period of homelessness and has very little to furnish the family home. A queen bed frame was donated to the 10 year old; however, there is no mattress/box spring for it. A crib was donated for the baby and mom and the 10 year old share the bed that they had in storage. The boy is a wonderful kid and has always been engaging, polite, and a great big brother! He is interested in learning soccer, but says basketball is his sport of choice. They also have not furnished the living room space of the home yet; but mom is most concerned about giving her son a space of his own. Any help is very much appreciated. What is needed:
Mattress, box spring, beds for mom and her kids

What Created the need:
I am working with a mom who recently got her own place. She is in need of bed frame, mattress and box spring for herself and beds for 2 kids 13 years and 9 years both girls. Mom is doing her best to secure a job so she can furnish her new place but at the moment her goal is to get warm beds for kids and herself. Any donation towards this needs will be much appreciated

What is needed:
Parents of a 3 year old and a 2 month old are caring for their 15 year old nephew. They are in need of a twin mattress for the 15 year old. The father is working and is only able to cover basic needs. They currently do not have a way to transport the mattress.

Please contact us if you can help find clean, almost new beds for these families.

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