Hey FISH family, hope you all had a good week, and are enjoying your last few weeks of summer. This week, together, we filled 4 needs totaling $2,181! What a great week. Thank you for all the support. We also had our monthly 2nd Thursday meeting at Hope Lutheran Church in Jordan, where we heard from Katie Schaumann from Southern Valley Alliance about who they are, new things happening within their organization, and ways to get involved. Keep your eyes out for a recap from that great presentation.  In the meantime, let’s help this family in Shakopee during a very hard time at least have the peace of mind they won’t get any tickets or fines. Enjoy your weekend!

What is needed:
I am working with a family that is about to be homeless. They are planning to stay in their vehicle until housing is secured again. However, they need to have current tabs for their vehicle and need an insurance policy to do so. This will prevent them from getting costly tickets they cannot afford. The initial down payment for the insurance policy they have found is $184 and the price of tabs will be about $170 as they need to purchase two years worth. Any donation would go a long way to giving this family a more secure place to stay while they are homeless. Thanks

Cost: $354 – Donate Online Today!

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