Happy Friday!

Here is a special need we got today:

We have a 4th grade student who lives in Scott County. His family has had to move back and forth from Chicago to Minnesota multiple times in his life due to economic challenges. He has a loving, supportive family. Because of the many moves, school has been a struggle for him as he has fallen off pace. This student is so kind and brilliant. He is a sensational basketball player. His mom and dad both played and have helped him learn about the joy, skillwork and value of playing on a basketball team. While school feels like a huge hurdle, he is in a place of expertise and confidence on the court. His basketball team of 4th graders is a family of sorts, focusing on care, belonging, and excellence. These support structures have a direct impact on student success in school. Contributing to this student’s access to basketball participation will improve his social, emotional, and academic health in the short and long term. Thank you for considering.

Amount Donation Request: $180.00
Tournament fees
Playing uniform
Practice shirt
Pre-season clinic experience with high schoolers

We would also love to bless this student with a new pair of basketball shoes and a basketball backpack totaling around $150.00

Have a wonderful weekend!


Click here to help this 4th grade basketball star!

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