Happy Friday everyone! This week at FISH we were able to help fill 6 needs at the total of $2,400! Thank you for helping these individuals and families.

We received this need this morning:

What is needed:
Family of five, including a single parent, is experiencing significant financial hardships at this time and is seeking assistance with obtaining school clothing. The family has limited ability to access community resources due to a lack of transportation access. Family is seeking a gift card to a clothing department store such as Kohl’s, Target, etc.

Cost: $300 – Donate Online Today!

What Created the need:
Single parent has experienced recent significant traumatic incidents which have led to medical and other health conditions, and this creates daily challenges. Family is isolated and lacks support system involving any neighbors, friends or extended family. Parent is preparing to attend a clothing donation event next month however the children are needing school clothes sooner than this.

I also talked to the social worker and asked for some of the children sizes and this is what she said:

Child 1:
7 in boys

Child 2:
7 in girls

Child 3:
10 in girls

Child 4:
XL in men’s
Size 13 shoes for men

If you can’t at this time donate to help purchase them some gift cards, but have some gently used clothing in these sizes please reach out!


Have a good weekend!




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