The following needs were filled through FISH!  Thank you for your generosity!


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  Sts. Joachim & Anne Parish and affiliates of Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church and Missionary Evangelism to Corrections

I am working with a parent who was laid off from work for well over a year due to COVID.   There was also a recent incident that caused changes within the family and there is now only a single income for this parent and their children.  This parent is working two jobs to try to get back on track financially, but it has been a challenge to get caught up.  This parent is also open to additional resources/support to work on their overall well-being.  The gas bill is very behind and any help towards getting this caught up would be greatly appreciated!


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Partially Filled by:  Family Resource Center

I am working with a single mother and her four children who are hoping to move to a different apartment. Their current home is not safe for the family, as it has mold, bugs and safety concerns within the apartment. This mom has worked very hard to be able to find a new home for her family and is hoping to provide a better and safer option for her children.
The mom is needing assistance with finalizing the lease to provide the deposit for the place. The deposit is $1,650, and first months rent is also $1650. Mom has been able to save a small amount for the move but does not have the upfront funds to cover both the deposit and first months rent.


Posted by:  Jordan Food Shelf Affiliate

Filled by:  Affiliates of Jordan Food Shelf and New Prague Rotary

Single mother was going to be removed from her rental due to 2 months short of rent. She scraped to pay 1/4 of the rent and I provided the remainder to assist her into staying in her home. She has been receiving food bi-weekly from the Jordan Area Foodshelf. Her car has been looked at but needs parts to fix. I connected the single mom to family resource center and Scott county. She has been trying to work with child care assistance. I am personally working with her to obtain a CNA course, certificate, registry, and employment. (Employer WorkForce Programming)


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  Anonymous Donation

A family of 5, where a brand new baby was just born, is in need of assistance paying their electric bill that went unpaid by energy assistance.  This family has two working parents living paycheck to paycheck paying child care and all additional costs with minimal assistance.  This is a great family with great kids and parents who do what they can to make ends meet.


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  Shakopee Lions, Frieden’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Cully’s Coin Laundry, affiliates of St Michael’s Catholic Church, FISH, Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church, Scott County and Community Members

I am working with a man in early stages of recovery. He has a long productive work history until the last couple of months when health concerns required repeated hospitalizations.  He has entered into a residential treatment program that is anticipated to last about 30 days.  Even with all of this he has managed to stay up to date on his bills but it took all his savings to do so.  As he is unable to work while in residential treatment he is unable to pay his March mortgage payment and association fee.  His goal is to obtain employment as soon as he returns home.  As he is not behind on payments and this is a mortgage instead of rent he does not meet eligibility requirements for assistance programs. He is struggling emotionally with this request as taking care of his financial obligations has always been important to him .  Any assistance in meeting this need would be extremely helpful since even though the client is very motivated he will need to step down to outpatient services to continue to address his recovery needs which will limit his ability to work two jobs, which is what he believes it would take to be able to pay overdue notices, late fee as well as ongoing bills.


Posted by:  SW Metro Intermediate School District Affiliate

Filled by:  Affiliates of FISH, Cully’s Coin Laundry and Affiliates of Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church, St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church, Faith ELC, Prior Lake, Scott County and Scott County CDA

A student was kicked out of his home by a chemically dependent parent, during a violent outburst. During the episode, the parent destroyed most of the student’s belongings (clothes, tv, shoes, gaming system). The student has temporarily moved in with a family friend. The student is in need of some assistance to get him through the rest of the quarter, which is a few more weeks.  He could use a donation of gift cards for gas, groceries, or personal hygiene products.


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  Alpha Women’s Center and an Anonymous Donation

I am working with a parent who has a disability causing significant mobility limitations and has a very limited income.  This parent stated they would greatly benefit from a bedside sleeper for their baby as well as a cordless vacuum.  The items would make caring for their baby easier as well as keeping their home clean.  This parent is also in need of plain onesies for the baby.


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  Two Anonymous Donors

A family vehicle that takes the main bread-winner to and from work everyday is in serious need of mechanical repair.  This family has three children including a newborn.  During childbirth the mother suffered a severe complication which has rendered her unable to work.  This has put severe financial stress on the family as the father tries to make ends meet.


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church Affiliate and Sleep in Heavenly Peace

A family in Belle Plaine recently had a teenaged extended family member move in with them. They need a bunk bed so the teen has a comfortable place to sleep. A frame with two mattresses would best but just the frame would be appreciated.  Also-the family’s washing machine broke down this week. It is not repairable. The family would appreciate a used machine in working condition.


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  Anonymous Donation

Family of six, four children, have a parent who is having degeneration in their vision and the other parent needs to reinstate their license to be able to drive the family around.  We have appealed these fines to reinstate the license six times and have been denied each time.


Posted by:  Shakopee Community Assistance

Filled by:  Affiliates of Shakopee Community Assistance, FISH and New Market Bank

I am working with a single Mom of two children. She is working extremely hard to keep ahead of her bills and hanging in there barely. She works full time and dependent on her vehicle to keep her job. All four tires are at the point where they leak continually, cracked sidewalls and little tread. It’s not a safe situation.


Posted by:  Shakopee Schools Affiliate

Filled by:  Shakopee Community Assistance Affiliate

What is needed:
There is a 2 year old boy in the community with a medical diagnosis that results in difficulty standing and walking. He is getting a new pair of custom leg braces that will be covered by his insurance, but his family is seeking assistance paying for the very specific socks and shoes that he needs to go with them. The shoes are $53.95 +$5 delivery, to be purchased through Schuler Shoes. The socks are $30 for 6 pairs, to be paid with a check to the child’s orthotics clinic. I’ll coordinate all that with whoever is willing to fill this need. Thank you for considering helping this awesome kid who is working so hard on his walking skills!  This child’s family is managing his extensive medical needs, among other family hardships. His mother stays home to care for him. This family has already purchased shoes to accommodate his previous braces only 6 months ago, but he has outgrown them.


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  Shakopee Lions and Sts. Joachim & Anne Parish

I am working with two young girls who are currently in Foster Care. Their father had sole custody of them but became ill in November and passed away on Christmas Eve 2021. The girls and their father were off-and-on homeless; they had many moves and struggles over the past few years. There was no service or burial for their father. They do not have closure at this time. The girls are starting therapy soon to help with the traumatic events that have happened to them. Their father had items in a storage unit which he paid for up until he got sick. These girls have no items from their last residence nor do they have any items of their father’s. Whatever is in the storage unit is the last of their father’s belongings. The storage unit will only release the items to the children, because they are ne  xt of kin. There is a $500 balance owed before the items can be released. Any amount will help towards collecting these items and helping these girls get a piece of their father to remain with them.


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  Anonymous Donation

A father who is working on getting help for mental health and chemical dependency is in need of money to maintain contact with his children and supportive family members. His family is not able to financially help him with this right now as they are working on obtaining housing. The money could be used for video visits and phone calls.


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  St. Michael’s Catholic Church Affiliate

Family is at risk of homelessness and is experiencing significant financial distress including repossession of family vehicle. Family recently experienced domestic violence. Family is seeking financial assistance for clothing and food for three children and one parent.


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  Affiliate of Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church, Family Resource Center and an Anonymous Donor

A family of 5 in Shakopee needs help with $1,048 of past due rent. They are an immigrant family with two children 6 and 10 years old and mom’s mother is living with them. The father lost his job and has been actively looking for full time work. He found a temporary position but the schedule is not consistent. The mother is experiencing health difficulties making the family situation more difficult. Both parents are applying for jobs and waiting for positive responses.  They are desperate for help to pay the rent because they don’t qualify for other housing assistance programs right now. They are $1,048 behind in their rent and appreciate any support that can be given.


Posted by:  FISH

Filled by:  Shakopee Lions and a Holy Trinity Lutheran Church New Prague Affiliate

Mi Casa is hopping to bring 55 children to the Easter Egg Hunt that is scheduled for this Saturday in Shakopee.  This will be a great event and with your help there will be many happy children  enjoying the hunt.  The cost for the event is $5.00 per child and there are 55 children signed up.  The total cost is $255.00.  Any amount donated will help them reach their goal is appreciated.  Lets give these dear children a “Hoppy Easter”!


Posted by:  CAP Agency Affiliate

Filled by:  Anonymous Donation

Currently working with an individual who was previously homeless, living in his vehicle. He is now housed and his vehicle needs repair. Client lives on a limited income.  Client was recently able to get a diagnostic of why his vehicle is leaking oil.  He is in need of “Valve Cover Gasket”. We do have an estimate from Hennen’s Auto here in Shakopee for $509.46.  Client has an emotional attachment to his vehicle as it helped him with a place of shelter while he was homeless. His vehicle  was a place to stay warm and dry from the Minnesota elements.  Client mental health is tied to having this vehicle in his possession. If client is not able to get this resolved, he will need to get rid of the vehicle, as it is leaking oil in his apartment garage.


Posted by:  Holy Trinity UMC, Prior Lake, Affiliate

Filled by:  Affiliates of Power of 100, St. Michael’s Catholic Church, SW Metro Schools, Alpha Women’s Center, FISH and an Anonymous Donation

$1,100 to avoid eviction. A young divorced mom with two young children and another due next month is in arrears on rent and will receive an eviction notice on 4-16-22 unless she can pay the back due rent.  Her ex-husband is behind on child support but not far enough behind for wages to be garnished (lives out of state). She has supported her family by working and with child support in the past. She is unable to work due to her advanced pregnancy but has a job to return to in July. She has friends who are able to help with her monthly rent until she goes back to work or her child support comes through, but the back rent remains the problem. She has reached out to several organizations but does not qualify for housing help.


Posted by:  Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community Services

Filled by:  Anonymous Donation

Mother is in need of money for car repairs. She was able to pay $500 out of pocket for some repairs but the car is still needing significant work done. She is a mother of 4 young children with a limited income. This is the car that brings them to and from work & school.


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  Frieden’s ELC and Affiliates of Power of 100, Scott County and a Community Member

Sweet teenage girl in Shakopee, MN that requires 24 hour nursing cares in home. Mom is a single mom of 4 kids and is working hard to make ends meet, but she comes up short from some necessities for her daughter with disabilities.  This young girl requires 24 hour nursing needs some supplies and personal needs items that are not covered by insurance and mom is struggling to provide these essential items for her cares. She needs gallon jugs of Reverse Osmosis water (can be purchased at any grocery store or Target/Walmart). She utilizes one gallon per day.  She also requires baby wipes- 1 case per month for personal cares. Along with Baby Lotion and Body Wash from Target- Fragrance free and Gentle. She also requires Creamy Diaper ointment from Target- gentle and fragrance free. She utilizes quite a bit of these items every day.  It would be super beneficial for the family to be able to receive  a couple months or more supply of these items so the mom can focus on buying other necessities  such as groceries and gas to get to and from work each day.

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