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Posted by:  SMSC Child Welfare Advocate

Filled by:  Anonymous Donation

Past due Xcel bill – $498. Disconnect notice sent for January 10th. Main income earner had COVID and had to take leave without pay. On top of the holidays, just set the family behind and have fallen behind on bills.


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by: Friedens Evangelical Lutheran Church, Affiliates of SW Metro Intermediate School District, and Checkerboard

I am working with a 17 year old high school student who is interested in taking drivers education classes. His mom is a single parent caring for two kids with little financial resources. I have reached out to the driving schools and have found that they do not offer financial assistance. Shakopee Community Center classes are currently full so we are looking at going through 1st Class Driving School. The “Best Savings Package” includes the behind the wheel training as well as the classes. The total cost is $380.

Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  Affiliates of CAP Agency and St. Michael’s Catholic Church

My client is a young girl who has survived a brain tumor as a toddler and is now cancer free but lives with complex medical and physical needs. Her family tries to make sure that she is not excluded from opportunities for activities in the community due to her limitations or disabilities. My client does not want to sit on the sidelines, she wants to be like her siblings and classmates, and not let her disability define her. With the community’s help, she was able to participate in adaptive skiing two winters ago and loved it! She has the opportunity to participate again this winter in a series of adapted skiing sessions in Feb 2022 through Padraigʼs Place (a non-profit organization) at Buck Hill in Burnsville MN. My client is very excited for this opportunity!! She and her family have seen firsthand the benefits of adapted sports when she participated in adapted softball, dance, and skiing in the past. The benefits include increased self-esteem, independence, sense of inclusion with an easier integration into the community, and also new-found friendships. Physical activity through Adaptive sports also provides benefits to her health including improved strength and increased fine and gross motor skills. My client and her family would appreciate support with the participation cost for the Adaptive Skiing.  Cost of Adaptive Skiing Participation: $175


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  Affiliate of Scott County and Member of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Jordan

I am working with a family who is new to the area.  They moved here with very little and do not have the financial means to purchase beds.   I am hoping the family can be connected to gently used beds (mattresses or mattresses and box springs) and bedding for the beds.


Posted by:  FISH Affiliate

Filled by:  Scott County Affiliates

Christmas gifts for 2 boys, ages 8 and 4, and 1 girl that is 18months.  Both parents just entered Teen Challenge and will not too able to care for them this Christmas.  The children are currently staying with their aunt that is young and single and not able to afford any extra expenses.


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  Shakopee Community Assistance and a St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church Affiliate

A crib and mattress for a single mother of two. A young, single mother who is working on so many great goals for her family and herself is in need of a crib for her young three month old baby. She was using a small bassinette but is hoping for a crib for her room. They share a room currently. We are hoping this donator would be willing to drop it off at an her home in Shakopee. I know this mother would really appreciate the help.  The mother could also use some size 2 diapers.


Posted by:  CAP Agency Affiliate

Filled by:  Anonymous Donation

A young single mother of 4 young children recently exited homelessness. Just as she was getting settled into a routine with her going to work and her children to daycare, their car broke down. It has been a significant hindrance in their housing stability as mom cannot work and children cannot go to daycare without a car.


Posted by:  New Prague Area Schools Alffiliate

Partially Filled by:  Anonymous Donation

A family is two months behind in rent (July and August).  $1400 a month.  Mom lost her job for two months but has since found a job again. She quit due to being harassed at work and her employer not acting on her complaint but now is working in a better environment. They were supposed to pay her for her absence but the check hasn’t come through yet. Any donation amount is appreciated!


Posted by:  Pinnacle Services

Filled by:  Friend of Alpha Women’s Center Affiliate

I have a client in need of a queen size bed in good condition.  My client lives with chronic pain, as well as an amputated limb and is experiencing a sudden loss in vision. The bed she currently has sags and there is only one small corner of the bed that has any support. My client struggles with anxiety and depression and the added insomnia due to the condition of the bed makes the situation more severe.  A queen size bed with a frame or mattress spring would be ideal. Nearly anything is better than the bed she currently has.


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  Affiliate of St. Michael’s Catholic Church and an Anonymous Donation

A family of four has recently faced some hardships of loosing a job. Father is a recovering addict who has maintained his sobriety for a long period of time. The mother is working hard to obtain a new job, but wouldn’t be paid for a few weeks. The father is working, but it is a distance. They are pushing out bills and keeping up on daycare for two kids. The family shared what would be most helpful right now is food and gas gift cards. Both parents are really hard working and shared this is only temporary to help them move forward.


Posted by:  One Day at a Time Affiliate

Filled by: Together We Can, Family Resource Center

We are working with a mom that has some mental health disabilities and on a fixed income. She only receives Social Security and is not able to work at this time.  She is needing a tablet to be able to connect with telehealth appointments for herself and her daughter. She is also wanting to be able to connect with her religion groups. She has experienced loss within her family and an increase in her depression over the last year and half and thinks having this resource would help her get through the bad days and allow her to have many good days. She does have Wi-Fi at home.


Posted by:  SMSC Child Welfare Officer

Filled by:  Affiliate of FISH, Sts. Joachim & Anne Parishioner, St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church, PPP Funds and two Community Members

Three year old boy needs surgery on his soft palette.  While the mother can cover a payment plan on the anesthesia and the hospital stay, the surgeon needs to be paid upfront $1800. After buying their first home a few months ago and then getting COVID with long lasting negative health effects, it’s been one thing after another for this single mother and she is not able to set aside the money needed for her son’s surgery. Any donations are so appreciated and mean that this little boy can have this necessary surgery sooner rather than later.


Posted by:  SMSC Family Advocate

Filled by:  Sts. Joachim & Anne Parish

Family in need of vacuum. Father is the only source of income and is out of work due to COVID for 2 weeks unpaid. They have  recently come out of homelessness and own very little. They have an inspection Thursday (1/20) and would like to clean up the residence.


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  City of Savage Employees and a Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church Affiliate

I am working with a single parent who could use support for overdue rent in the amount of $925.  This parent has had unexpected transportation expenses come up which has impacted multiple areas in their life.  This parent is employed and is actively working to further their career at this time, which will be a very positive thing, but it is also causing some situational financial stress.  This parent is also working to connect to resources for their mental health so stressful times seem a bit more manageable as well as connect their children to additional resources.


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  Affiliates of Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church and St. Michael’s Catholic Church

I am working with a young pregnant mother of two that just left an unhealthy relationship. She has many supports available to her and has a lot of appointments to schedule such as therapy, groups, meetings with professionals etc. She is hoping for a paper planner, fridge calendar, colorful pens, and markers to help her stay organized.


Posted by:  FISH Affiliate

Filled by:  Affiliate of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Jordan

A full size or larger bed is need immediately! Recent graduate from Teen Challenge has found a safe and secure sober house in Shakopee but can’t move in until there is a place for him to sleep. He wants to stay in Shakopee because he can get to his job with public transportation. Any help in finding him a bed would be very helpful and encouraging for him.


Posted by:  Alpha Women’s Center Affiiate

Filled by:  Affiliates of Missionary Evangelism to Corrections and Power of 100

I am working with a single mom who is due in 6 weeks and has significant financial needs.  She is not able to work due to pregnancy issues but plans to return to work after her baby is born.  We are providing support for her baby and housing, but her cell phone is old and stopped working.  She is nervous to leave home without a phone, and has no way to contact her medical providers except to use a neighbor’s phone.  Help is requested in the amount of $400 to get her a basic cell phone and first month’s service.


Posted by:  SMSC Family Advocate

Filled by:  Shakopee Community Assistance

Single mom of a 3rd grader & a baby due in March is in need of these items new or gift cards to purchase the items:  -Diapers, -Wipes, -Baby Soap, -Clothes, -Playpen, -Blankets, -Towels, Winter gear.  She is a single working mom with a limited income.


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  Scott County Affiliate

A single mother who has successfully completed treatment and has been sober for five months needs a brand new car seat for her child who is turning one. A convertible seat that he can use for the next few years would be very appreciated!


Posted by:  SMSC Family Advocate

Filled by:  FISH Affiliate

Mom of 2 kids is in need of money for daycare. She is working full time and funds are low. She is required to pay for daycare even though the provider will be closed for a week. Which is making it hard to pay for daycare and find care for that time so she can still work. Past due payments are $267, the week she will be out of care is $350. They are struggling as is, they are on assistance from the county and anything will help.


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  Shakopee Community Assistance

A mother who is working towards recovery is needing help to obtain some things for her boys that they had asked for. The boys are wanting snow pants and boots so they can play outside. The mother is also needing a $20 gas card in order to go and try out different AA meetings.


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