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Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  Shakopee Community Assistance, Forgotten Initiative and a Friendship Church Affiliate

I am working with a family with two children in foster care, a two year old boy and a newborn baby girl.  The children are in foster care placement with a relative and the foster parent is in need of newborn diapers, wipes, formula, size 5 diapers for the two year old, and a toddler bed for the two year old to sleep in.  Any assistance in locating these items or donation of these items would be greatly appreciated!!


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  FISH Affiliate

A local family took in their nephew for a short period of time while the child’s mother gets some help with he mental health needs. They are in need of a gift card to get the child a pair of shoes and some clothing. Any amount would be appreciated.


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  Several resources were suggested by FISH affiliates which are being followed up

A single mom has a disability that makes her prone to falls; because of this, she has knocked out and chipped most of her teeth.  She recently received dental insurance, so she was finally able to see a dentist.  While at the dentist, they said that she will need all of her top teeth extracted in order to get dentures.  This will cost $3250.  She is on a limited income, only receiving Social Security.  Because of all the other expenses she has, she is putting off getting the dental procedure done.  She frequently has pain in her mouth, directly caused from her falls and chipped teeth.  The extraction will alleviate the pain and possibility of infection.  She says that she does not like to smile because she is embarrassed of her missing teeth.  She has been going to neurology appointments and seeing a physical therapist in order to avoid any more falls.  Any amount will help.  Please help her smile again!


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  Anonymous Donor

Child has been through a lot with his family this year (death of his birthmother, dad’s alcohol addiction, witnessing domestic violence). Child is now living with his grandparents while his dad is completing substance abuse treatment and child is really struggling with his own mental health. The family is in the process of switching insurance so that copays are more affordable, but currently owe $85 from the last three sessions. They just need help paying these fees– any amount is helpful!


Posted by:  Southern Valley Alliance for Battered Women

Filled by:  Affiliates of St. Michael’s Catholic Church, Scott County and an anonymous donor

An SVABW client is setting up a new home with her daughter and needs several items. She has tried contacting agencies, but due to COVID 19 she cannot get the help she needs right now. Please consider donating anything from this list. Donations can be delivered to SVABW at 551 E. Park St., Belle Plaine. We have a shed that we can store items in until she is able to pick them up. Please call our office to ensure someone is here to accept any donations.


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  Next Chapter Technology and Scott County HHS and MOMS Program Affiliates

I am working with a kiddo through Children’s Mental Health. He is very active but has been struggling since his local gym closed due to COVID-19. He has been running, riding his bike,  and using different items in the backyard to stay active, but would love a weight bench and weights to use until the gym re-opens. If anyone has a bench or weights they no longer use and would be willing to donate, this would be a huge support to this this kiddo!  NOTE:  It was more cost effective to purchase a basketball hoop and stand for this need.


Posted by:  Cap Agency Affiliate

Filled by:  FISH Affiliate and His House

Household furnishings for a single adult male exiting homelessness. Examples of items needed: Kitchen table and chairs, couch, bed and linens, pillow, kitchen appliances (toaster, plates, silverware, cups, pots and pans), towels, garbage can.


Posted by:  Friendship Church Affiliate

Filled by:  St. Michael’s Catholic Church Affiliate

A single mom who is disabled needs a specific walker, because of her medical condition.  She was married for sixteen years, when her husband had suddenly died from a heart attack leaving to raise two kids alone. She has struggled since to make ends meet. She had an accident that permanently damaged her knee and any weigh bearing on that leg creates severe pain. The walker will help her get through the common chores that a mother faces every day.  Corner Medical in Apple Valley have the walker she needs. She still has a balance of 600.00 with them, before they will let her purchase the walker. Once the debt is paid they will work with her through the financing of the new walker.


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  Affiliates of Friendship Church and FISH

We have a great family that stepped up and agreed to care for relative children that needed to enter foster care. When they became relative foster parents their family size doubled and they are now a household of 12.  So as you can imagine that doubled their need for toilet paper. The foster parents are not able to find toilet paper during these covid times.  Toilet paper donations are in great need for this foster family of 12 and would be so appreciated!


Posted by:  Families Moving Forward – Beacon Interfaith

Filled by:  Friendship Church Affiliate

The FMF Shelter in Chaska is looking for a Child’s Race Track Play Rug 60″ x 32″.  This need is to help create a safe play space for the  younger children in shelter while their parents work on a variety of things with their case manager. It’s often hard for the kids to sit through long meetings, so the case manager is working to create a safe play space for the children while their parents meet with the case manager and work on transitioning into housing.


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  Anonymous Donor

I am working with a family who has one vehicle between the adults and their van is currently in need of new front rotors. They rely on their vehicle to get to and form work and are worried about missing work due to their vehicle breaking down. Any help would be helpful!


Posted by:  Scott County CDA Affiliate

Filled by:  BCR Lawyers Affiliate

Family of 5 finally got into their first home and are needing a few larger items to finish furnishing everything including the kids bedrooms.


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  Anonymous Donation

craft store gift card. I am working with a mother in recovery who is going to treatment and also supporting her son in home schooling right now. The need for healthy activities for her is very important. She is really working hard on her recovery and art to her is calming and also helps with her anxiety. She knows that Michaels does drive up right now.  Just this morning she showed me an art project she did. Any help would be great!


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  Affiliates of Prior Lake Schools, Shakopee Schools, Families Moving Forward/Beacon Interfaith

I am working with a 15 year old male through Children’s Mental Health. Similar to the rest of us, he and his family are cooped up at home with limited activities to keep everyone busy. The family is working hard to use what they have on hand and trying to take walks when nice, but all would greatly benefit from some new board games. The family consists of mom, dad, and four children-ages 16, 15, 6, and almost 2. The family has one working parent right now and with bills and other expenses, there is little left over at the end of the month. Any help towards this need is much appreciated!


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  Affiliates of Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church and Immanuel-Fish Lake Lutheran Church

Mother and three children, 2 boys and 1 girl, moved into a unit after experiencing homelessness. They moved in with bags of clothes only. The boys are 4 and 7 years old and the girl is 9 years old. This family has no means of transportation so if someone has the ability to transport larger items please help!


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  Affiliates of St Francis Regional Medical Center and Scott County HHS

I am working with a new mom who gave birth in December. She is continuing to experience physical health issues after delivery that has prevented her from going back to work full time. She has also been struggling with postpartum depression since baby’s birth and on top of all of that, she recently lost her mother. She is participating in therapy to address her grief and depression. Her job has been helpful in cutting back hours and allowing for more flexibility, but that has left her with some unpaid bills. She is in need of $32.13 to pay her utilities this month.  (It was later determined that she owed $63.00 so two offers were accepted)  I would like to add that after the need was met, I had another person offer to give mom support through her postpartum doula and life coaching practice for free, and another person who also struggled with postpartum depression offer to give mom a gift (we are discussing perhaps a food delivery gift card or something comforting that she found helpful as a new mom).


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