The following needs have been filled through FISH! Thank you for your generosity!

Posted by: One Day at a Time
Filled by: Next Chapter Technology
We have an individual with disabilities and a history of long-term homelessness that only receives $98 per month in income. She has a vehicle but it requires some repairs. She is going through a program which will help her with repairs without charging labor costs, however, this program does not cover the cost of parts and the part they believe she will need costs between $80-$100. It is possible that this amount could be higher or lower once they complete the diagnostic assessment, however, she is required to pay the cost of the parts at the time of service and with her minimal income cannot afford to do so. She relies on her vehicle to travel safely and meet her needs. All she knows at this time is there is something wrong with the anti-lock brake system and traction, causing the vehicle to be potentially unsafe, especially with Minnesota weather. Any help with covering the costs for the parts she may need to make sure her vehicle is safe to drive would be very much appreciated. This help could also be in the form of a gift card for a car parts store such as NAPA or O’Reilly to purchase the part(s) she may need to fix it.

Posted by: St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Jordan
Filled by: Anonymous Community Member
In need of 4 tires, pads, rotor and shock absorber on her vehicle. Someone slashed this client’s tires while she was working. She is a single mom of 3. She does not receive child support. She also works 2 jobs. She just needs help making sure her car is safe for her kids and she can continue to get to her jobs.

Posted by: St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Jordan
Filled by: Hope Lutheran Church Affiliate and an Anonymous Donation
Car repair. Mother is recovering from health issues. She is currently unemployed which has affected her ability to finance her car repair. She is actively seeking employment but needs transportation to get to job interviews and a job once employed.

Posted by: Burnsville-Eagan-Savage Schools
Filled by: Community Member
A family is in need of a new battery for their vehicle. It is their only mode of transportation at this time and this has kept mom from being able to start a new job. Amidst this need they are also trying to put the deposit and first month of rent for housing, so money is very tight. The battery would be for a 1999 Saturn CS-2, Side Post Battery

Posted by: Scott County HHS Affiliate
Filled by: Anonymous Donor
My client is a 10 year old girl who was diagnosed with a brain tumor when she was only 19 months old. She is now cancer free but lives with complex medical and physical needs. Her family tries to make sure that she is not excluded from opportunities for activities in the community due to her limitations or disabilities. My client does not want to sit on the sidelines, she wants to be like her siblings and classmates, and not let her disability define her. With the community’s help, she was able to participate in adaptive skiing last winter and loved it! She has the opportunity to participate again this winter in a series of adapted skiing sessions in Jan/Feb 2020 through Padraigʼs Place (a non-profit organization) at Buck Hill in Burnsville MN. My client is very excited for this opportunity!! She and her family have seen firsthand the benefits of adapted sports when she participated in adapted softball, dance, and skiing in the past. The benefits include increased self-esteem, independence, sense of inclusion with an easier integration into the community, and also new found friendships. Physical activity through Adaptive sports also provides benefits to her health including improved strength and increased fine and gross motor skills. My client and her family would appreciate support with the participation cost for the Adaptive Skiing.

Posted by: CAP Agency Affiliate
Filled by: Savage Area Women of Today and a FISH Affiliate
The CAP Agency has many housing clients that are single adults. We always try to give them something for the holidays as they do not qualify or are not eligible for most holiday gift programs. Many of them also lack family support and these gifts can be the highlight of their holidays. All of these individuals have been homeless at some point and have limited income. The CAP Agency has many housing clients that are single adults. We always try to give them something for the holidays as they do not qualify or are not eligible for most holiday gift programs. Many of them also lack family support and these gifts can be the highlight of their holidays. All of these individuals have been homeless at some point and have limited income. The CAP Agency would appreciate gift cards to give these individuals. We would like $5 gift cards to places where they can get groceries, gas, food. Places like Subway, McDonald’s, Dairy Queen, Walmart, Target, HyVee, Cub, gas stations are a few examples of where these could be from. If you would like to donate a card with a higher amount feel free to do so. To give all of the single adult housing clients a gift card we would need 38.

Posted by: SMSC Community Services Affiliate
Filled by: FISH Affiliate
Homeless family is working hard to settle down here in Scott County. Having an established mailing address will help them in their journey. Will not see a paycheck for a couple weeks for the jobs obtained due to payroll run. Looking for a 3 month PO Box here in Shakopee for $26.00.

Posted by: Scott County HHS Affiliate
Filled by: Silent Gifting Ministry and affiliates of Friendship Church and Scott County
Adult Protection is working with a woman who is a victim of financial exploitation. She does not have access to any funds. Her clothing is tattered and she does not have apparel appropriate for winter. She is in need of a winter coat (sz M), boots (sz 10), and any other clothing items available (sz M).

Posted by: Shakopee Schools Affiliate
Filled by: Two Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church affiliates and Shakopee Community Assistance
Father is raising his two middle-school children on his own. Their mother died a few years ago. The father is on disability due to his poor health. He doesn’t have a car, and is unable to walk long distances. The children receive a backpack of food items from school to take home on weekends. However over the Christmas break, schools will be closed so no food bags are going home with them. The family is in need of additional funds for food, as he said that the disability check he receives doesn’t go very far after rent is paid.

Posted by: FISH
Filled by: 40 Winks Foundation
Twin beds are needed for 2 children that will be moving into their own room after living in a car with their mother! With the cold weather here it would be great to give them a warm, clean, cozy place to sleep. The beds will need to be delivered.

Posted by: Scott County HHS Affiliate
Filled by: Scott County Public Health Affiliate
Snow boots for a mother who obtained a job and just obtained housing and is walking to work. She is size 9.5.

Posted by: New Prague Schools Affiliate
Filled by: Elko New Market Lions Club
Single-parent household, who is supporting two children. Change recently in child support makes providing basic needs difficult. The family would like financial support to make ends meet and get caught up and/or provide extra things for the upcoming holiday season like gifts or special outings for the children.

Posted by: Scott County HHS Affiliate
Filled by: Affiliate of Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church and Sts. Joachim and Anne Catholic Community
Reduced membership fees for a family of 3. Single mother of 2 children would like to have access to the YMCA so she and her children can be more physically active. Mother and older son have medical/weight issues they are both working with their primary care doctors on addressing, and accessibility to a gym would be helpful. Beyond access to the exercise equipment and weights, the pool would be a great resource for the kids, and helpful for mom due to a knee injury. This family enjoys spending time together, and would value having a place they can all go outside of home. The reduced fee membership is $38.70 per month. If someone is able to sponsor them for 1 month, 6 months, 12, any help would be accepted.

Posted by: Scott County HHS Affiliate
Filled by: Affiliates of St. Francis Regional Medical Center, Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church and Scott County
A 23 year old who works full time as a teacher recently unexpectedly took in her 15 year old niece and is currently caring for her full time. She works full time and has her own place but due to unexpectedly taking in her niece full time money has become tight. The family has identified that grocery gift cards would be helpful to take some of the recent financial stress off of her.

Posted by: CAP Agency Affiliate
Filled by: Donations from Next Chapter Technology and an Anonymous Donation
Single, retired Vet is in need of a new or gently used queen size mattress to replace the current one that he has. He has medical needs and his current mattress does not support him, causing major pains in his hips.

Posted by Canvas Health Affiliate
Filled by: SMSC Community Services Affiliate
Beatriz’s father, who is in hospice care, is dying in Texas. Beatriz believes that her father is waiting until she arrives before he dies. She stated to me that “she’s not going to make it” if she can’t see her Dad. She has no funds to pay for the ticket. We have sought several other funding sources and been turned away. We have found a ticket on Sun Country Airlines, departing today, 12/19/19, at 4:45 PM from Minneapolis to Harlingen, Texas, for $270.Beatriz moved from Texas to Shakopee after her mother’s death in August, 2019. Her ID is still from Texas. Her entire income is $700 per month in disability payments but that amount goes entirely to pay her housing here in Shakopee.

Posted by: SMSC Community Services Affiliate
Filled by: Affiliate of Joe O’Connor State Farm Agency
The only family vehicle was in a car accident over the weekend. A deer ran out in front of the van, shattering the windshield and body damage to the driver’s side door. The only immediate concern is the windshield so it can be legal to drive. Unfortunately the vehicle only held liability so there is no coverage for windshield repairs. It is a 2005 Chrysler Town & Country.

Posted by: SMSC Community Services Affiliate
Filled by: CAP Agency Parenting Group
Single mom covered $1,800 bed bug bill through her own means through church donations, fighting her for children to stay in their apartment. She finally got all the funds and now the apartment office is telling her she owes $240 in a mixture of late fees and court fees from starting the eviction process. Barriers keep popping up for her throughout this process and has fought hard to find resources to cover her dues, she is all out of further resources to come up with the remaining balance due!

Posted by: SMSC Community Services Affiliate
Filled by: SMSC Affiliate
Homeless family been sleeping in their vehicle in the cold. Looking for gas cards to keep them warm throughout the transition of getting them settled here in Scott County.

Posted by: Scott County HHS Affiliate
Filled by: St. Michael’s Catholic Church Affiliate
My client is a sweet, loving and caring 3 year old girl who has been diagnosed with Alport Syndrome- A genetic condition that causes kidney disease, hearing loss and eye abnormalities. She was hospitalized over a week with parainfluenza type 1 which turned into pneumonia. Due to her illness her kidney function worsened to the point that she will be placed on the kidney transplant list in the next 1-2 months. She had a g-tube placed 2 weeks ago to help with nutrition. Her mother is a great support but is unable to work to care for her needs. Her mother donated her kidney to her dad 1 year ago as he also had a kidney disease therefore neither one of them have a kidney to donate to their daughter. They are struggling to continue to pay for the medical bills their daughter needs and utilities. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Their water bill is around $863.29 (due to a broken water meter that burst) and Xcel energy which is #373.29. They have received disconnect notices on both of these services due to their inability to needs

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