The following FISH needs have been filled!  Thank you for your generosity!


Posted by:  Southwest Metro Intermediate School District Affiliate

Filled by:  Eric Means State Farm Agency

A homeless student is in need of basic necessities, including things like shampoo, deodorant, laundry detergent, and the like. The student is also in need of funds or a gas card to pay for gas to get to and from school. The student is committed to finishing school this year and we want to make sure they have what they need to get to and attend school.

Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  Affiliates of St. Michael’s Catholic Church and Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church

I am working with a single mother who was the victim of a domestic violence incident that has led to her whole world being turned upside down.  She and her five year old were financially co-dependent on the father to help support the monthly bills.  This is no longer occurring due to an active no contact order and the incident that led to this no contact order.  The mother applied for emergency assistance, utility assistance, and other county supports but was denied due to making too much.  The mother continues to work as many hours as she can to make ends meet but is struggling to stay afloat.  This has caused an extreme stressor in her life and I would love to help her reduce this stressor so she can focus on her relationship with her son and healing from this traumatic event in her life.

Posted by:  SMSC Affiliate

Filled by:  Anonymous Donation

Overdue water/sewer/trash bill for a family of 7. The family has dealt with recovering from covid and opening their home to an adult child with mental health issues in the past year.  They are facing disconnection – on final notice. Any resource to get this paid are greatly appreciated. $554 now to stop disconnection.

Posted by:  SMSC Affiliate

Filled by:  Sts. Joachim & Anne Parish

Single male adult with mental health issues got phone service disconnected due to missed payments. He has received a job but does need to turn his phone service back on. Can only be paid by Verizon gift card $120 past due + $20 reactivating on fee.

Posted by:  City of Shakopee Affiliate

Filled by:  Affiliates of Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church and FISH

Mary Hernandez contacted me regarding the Spooky Family Fun event requesting support for families who have youth interested in attending. Due to the families financial hardship of a one parent income or no income at all, they are unable to pay. She has 20 youth who are interested in attending our Spooky Family Fun Event on Saturday, October 30 from 3-6 pm. . The fee is $5 / child – Adults are FREE – We are seeking a donation to pay for registration for 20 youth. The Spooky Family fun event is filled with horse carriage rides, pumpkin painting, hammer-schlagen, games, activities, phot booth, caricatures and more. We will have many businesses present to hand out candy and goodies to all who attend. We ask all to dress up and have a great time.. Hot Chocolate and apple cider will be present. The City does not have a scholarship program for one time special event programs. We keep the cost very low, hoping many families can afford it.

Posted by:  Shakopee Schools Affiliate

Filled by:  Affiliates of Scott County HHS, SW Metro Intermediate School District and Sts. Joachim and Anne Parish

I am working with a single parent of two school-aged children, and two younger children.  She is currently on maternity leave, however is employed.

She has to move out of their current housing, and cannot sign a new lease on an apartment, until she pays off a former eviction.  She has saved $850.00 of the $1700.00 needed to close out this old eviction debt.


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  Shakopee Community Assistance has offered to fill this need

This need is for a single mother with 3 children ages 5-16. The children are in need of new winter jackets, boots, gloves, etc. and now that it will be getting colder in the next few months she would like to purchase these items for them.  Gift Cards can be from Walmart, Target, Kohls.  She has also expressed a desire to have a World Globe at home so she can start to teach her children about other Countries.


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  Affiliates of Scott County, SW Metro Intermediate District, FISH and Cornerstone Advocacy Services

A vulnerable adult (VA) I am working with was financially exploited by a trusted individual in her life, and as a result she has lost $33,000. Historically this trusted individual has managed the VA’s finances, helped the VA apply for benefits, and reported the VA’s income per requirements of the VA’s housing program. Unfortunately, in addition to stealing money from the VA, the trusted individual failed to accurately report the VA’s income, and thus the VA now owes $3,344 to the housing program due to over-payment. The VA is facing eviction if the amount is not repaid, but thankfully the housing program has agreed to accept a payment plan. While this compromise is greatly appreciated, any additional payments are very challenging for the VA due to the money lost and being on a very strict budget. Thus, any assistance paying off the $3,344 debt to the housing program would be extremely appreciated and allow the VA to pick up the pieces and move forward on a more positive note. The recent months have unfortunately been very challenging, and I’m hoping we can help to lessen her burdens some.


Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  Affiliate of St John the Baptist Catholic Church, Savage

I am currently working with a single mom who is currently participating in treatment for chemical health needs. She has an 8 month old baby and mom is facing some health challenges that have made the combination of treatment and parenting difficult to do. In order to successfully complete her program, she is in need of a baby monitor with a strong range (she does not need one with a camera or WiFi) that will assist her in being able to hear and respond to her baby’s needs more effectively. Any donations of the monitor or towards the monitor would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by:  CAP Agency Affiliate

Filled by:  Affiliates of Sts. Joachim & Anne Parish, CAP and Shakopee Community Assistance and an Anonymous Donor

74 year old senior with acute knee problems, making it difficult to walk without assistance, would like to obtain an electric scooter to get to grocery store and volunteer work at her local church.  She is the primary caregiver of her older, semi-blind husband, who suffered a stroke a couple of years ago.  She has to walk everywhere to get groceries, go to church services and volunteer.  All children and grandchildren live in another town.  She asked her doctor if she could receive a scooter from Medicare but was told she is not eligible.  Husband mostly is homebound, but wife wants to keep providing care for themselves as long as it is possible.

Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  Sts. Joachim and Anne Parish

I am working with a woman who has a limited income, and she is in need of some maternity clothing.  She is most in need of pants size small or medium or shirts size medium or large.  Thank you for your consideration to this need.

Posted by:  Scott County Public Health Affiliate

Filled by:  Community Member

A family of three (mother is also pregnant) is in need of a full or queen sized mattress as they have been sleeping on one that was loaned to them by a family member that is very thin and in poor condition.  They do not currently have a way to pick up the mattress and it would need to be delivered to their home in Belle Plaine.  The father is working and only has enough money to cover bills and at the moment do not have extra money to pay for a mattress.

Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Savage Affiliate and Shakopee Community Assistance

There is a young family who is in need of coats for kids, snow pants for kids, shelving, and child-proof cabinet locks.  There are three kids in the home, including a young baby.  The mom stays at home everyday with the kids and works incredibly hard at making sure her kids have what they need.  She is working really hard on goals as she works with me.  She consistently gets her kids to school on time, despite having to walk with them — weather does not stop her!  As the seasons are changing, she has shared that she needs help getting a coats and snow pants for her two oldest — she has 1 girl who is a size 6 and 1 boy who is also a size 6.  The mom is working hard to organize and clean her home so that is is safe for when her young one starts to crawl.  She found this shelving unit that would be very helpful.  The mom also has a need for some cabinet locks to make sure that all of her children are safe and don’t get into things that they shouldn’t.

Posted by:  SMSC Affiliate

Filed by:  Anonymous Donation

$300 short for Nov 1 rent. Client was exposed to COVID and had to take 10 days unpaid. $200 fee added if not paid by Nov 5th.

Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  Shakopee Lions

There is a mom who has three children who I am working with.  She is in need of a stroller so that she is able to bring her baby with when she walks her other kids to school — she currently does not have any other way to transport her kids to school.  The Baby Trend Double Sit N Stand Stroller, Millennium would be incredible as it would make the school pick-up/drop-off process easier for this mom.

Posted by:  CAP Agency Affiliate

Filled by:  Next Chapter Technology, Sts, Joachim & Anne Parish and a Scott County HHS Affiliate

I am working with a single, adult male that was previously homeless.  He is physically disabled and was receiving SSDI.  His SSDI has been frozen while they work out some issues.  We have found him resources for his rent and utilities to be taken care of, however, he has no money for personal needs or food beyond the small amount he gets in food support.  I am asking for $400 worth of gift cards: $200 to Kwik Trip (in $25 increments) and $200 to Target (in $25 increments).  I plan to give him 1-2 gift cards per week.  This will help to allow him to purchase his own personal items as well as any additional food that he might need for the month.  With this $400, we will be able to help him out financially for the new few months while his finances get worked out.

Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate

Filled by:  Sts. Joachim and Anne Parish

Gift card for Amazon as this appears to be one of the better and more affordable options for Plus Size clothing.  Most traditional stores seem to only go to 4x, and the need is for larger clothing as this client is having to wear clothes to her work training program that aren’t appropriate due to exposing her skin.  She needs larger sized clothing.  She lives in a group home so has very little spending money for updating her wardrobe.  Gift card for Famous Footwear: She is also in need of tennis shoes as she wears her shoes out faster due to her size.

Posted by:  New Prague Area Schools Affiliate

Filled by:  Scott County Affiliate and an Anonymous Donation

Internet bill and phone bill to get service back up and running for a single father of five. Also, five to seven dining chairs would also be helpful to the family.

Posted by:  FISH

Filled by:  Volunteers from Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church and a Scott County Affiliate

Damascus Way is opening their new house in Shakopee and is needing help with their kitchen.  This is a great opportunity for a group to work together and help the people that will be staying there as they rebuild their lives.  This project would include creating a fully functional kitchen including cookware, plates, silverware, glasses, kitchen towels etc.  If you like being a blessing and setting up kitchens this is your dream project!

Posted by:  CAP Agency Affiliate

Filled by:  St. Wenceslaus Church

My client has exited my shelter program into permanent stable subsidized housing and we’re so happy for her.  Unfortunately she moved in with only a few luggage bags of clothes and her cat.  CAP was able to find her some things for her place from our own storage but she needs a few more things.  Anything and everything is appreciated!


Posted by:  Community Resource Center Affiliate

One week’s lodging provided by:  SW Metro Intermediate Schools Affiliate, Several Community Members and an Anonymous Donation

We are helping a young parent who has a 2 year old child and is pregnant. She is new in Shakopee and lived with extended family for about a month.  The family kicked her out. She came to our Community Resource office to get support.  We tried to connect with emergency assistance to find a shelter.  She’s now in a local motel and we covered two nights.  As I am writing nobody knows what is going to happen next.  In order to stay until the county or CAP agency finds shelter she’ll need at least $1200 for meals and lodging.


Posted by:  CAP Agency Affiliate

Filled by:  Friedens Evangelical Lutheran Church, New Prague, and affiliates of Shakopee Community Assistance, Scott County and Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church

I am currently working with a client on a fixed income in our Supportive Housing Program with the CAP Agency.  He has stated it would be nice to have a few new clothing items to get though the winter months, as his t-shirts and pants are worn out and a bit small. I am seeking donations or gift cards to be able to purchase some winter/daily living clothing items. He has been with the CAP Agency for a few years now and does not ask for anything as he is a very humble man,  who struggles with mental and physical health. This time of year tends to be a more trying time for his mental health .  It would be nice to give him a bit of holiday cheer to  lift his spirits with some new warm clothing he can pick out on his own. Thank you to all who respond to this need. I know this will mean a lot to this individual.


Posted by:  Affiliate of His House Foundation

Filled by:  Affiliates of Sts. Joachim & Anne Parish, SW Metro Intermediate Schools, Savage Rotary and a Community Member.

Family of 4, including 2 children in local schools, are 1 week behind in their long-term hotel rent. A parent had to take time off work due to an illness which led to a reduced income. Parents working to increase income long-term. Hotel is allowing them to pay late at this point, but this will not last.


Posted by:  Esperanza Affiliate

Filled by:  Dentist who wishes to remain anonymous

Young adult lost a filling, tooth decaying.  Might need root canal, in lots of pain, needs to be seen and no one taking new patients. Went to urgent care; not much can be done only a dentist can help.  Just started working, uninsured, not stable currently financially due to battle with Mental Health.


Posted by:  SMSC Affiliate

Filled by:  Affiliates of FISH and Power of 100

One week motel stay needed. Family is currently homeless, mom is not starting new job until 11/23 but that is the day they have to check out of the motel they are currently at with no funds for additional nights. It will be at least 2 weeks before mom will get a paycheck and is concerned about where she will go with her 2 daughters.





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