What is needed:
Low income Shakopee family is in need of $1300 for replacement of electrical panel in their mobile home. A recent fire caused substantial damage to the family’s home. The family will be able to move back into their home if the electrical panel is repaired. At this time the family of four is staying in a local hotel.

Cost: $1300

What Created the need:
The COVID-19 Virus caused a reduction in the family’s household income, and the family was unable to pay for their homeowner’s insurance. At the time of the fire, they were without insurance. There have been substantial costs to make repairs to the mobile home, as well as to replace clothing, furniture, etc. $1300 is the bid from a licensed electrical contractor for replacement of the electrical panel. Any monetary donation toward that expense is appreciated. Donations will be made directly to the contractor, once the work is complete.

If you would like to help donate to this need please use the link:

Funds for Home Repair After FIre

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