We received this message this weekend from a deputy in Scott County “I am putting in at FISH request on behalf of a soon to be first time mother who is living in Shakopee MN. Her husband and her are renting a townhouse expecting twins in the end of September. She was working as a part time nursing assistant but due to her pregnancy and physical restrictions she is no longer able to work. They are asking for help purchasing a stroller system. The one I found at Target is a
Baby Trend Sit N Stand Compact Easy Fold Toddler Baby Infant Double Stroller with 2 Baby Trend Ally 35 Baby Infant Car Seat Carriers with Cozy Cover. It is $415.99. She said they would be grateful for any gift cards to help with this purchase since it is a big ask. She would prefer a twin stroller that is not side to side similar to this one and one that the carriers can pop into when they are infants.”

If you would like to help this mom with this need for this stroller, here is link at Target for it. Unfortunately, this stroller wasn’t able to be added to a registry, so if you would like to purchase it, email fish@fishpartnernetwork.org are we can give you the address to send it to.


or Donate directly to our PayPal, and we can get it to her!



Have a great Labor Day!



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