Good afternoon everyone!  As we are all working together do our part in keeping our community safe and healthy, FISH would like to be able to keep our network updated on services being offered and if you have needs that can be met to help facilitate your outreach.  We will be sending a daily update to our network in hopes this aids in communication and meeting needs.  Please let us know what services you are offering and the help you are needing.

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We would like to call your attention to the following needs that are still waiting to be met.


Here are two – a car repair and a car donation:


What is needed:
***8/27/2020 UPDATE: This individual still needs $1,117.48 to get her vehicle repaired. There are a couple repairs that are no longer needed and have been removed.*** ***7/10/2020 UPDATE: $400 has been donated. She would like me to express her gratitude for the generous donation! She is still in need of $1,117.48*** We provide Independent Living Skills (ILS) services to a woman with disabilities and a history of long-term homelessness. She receives a very small income each month that is used toward her basic living expenses and her vehicle is in desperate need of several repairs. She relies on her vehicle to get everywhere she needs to go and does not have a solid back-up plan should her vehicle not be repaired and stop working or become unsafe. Her ILS staff enlisted the help of a close friend who is a mechanic to look at her vehicle and see what needs to be repaired/replaced. The friend was able to make some repairs including; replacement of the rear door panels, replacement of the left front seat belt, buff the headlights for better visibility, and replacement of the left visor. She still owes for the labor and parts for the work already completed but the friend completed these repairs with the knowledge of her situation and that she will work out a payment arrangement eventually with him. For the labor and repairs that have already been completed, the total she currently owes is $372.72. There are still several other parts needing to be replaced including; a new timing belt, replacement of the lower rear control arm bushings; and replacement of the rear suspension springs (one is broken). The friend assisted with shopping around for hourly labor costs and the cost of the replacement parts for her vehicle. The estimate for the remaining repairs and labor costs for these repairs is $1,144.76. With her current income, she is unable to afford the cost of repairing her vehicle and is hoping to receive some form of financial assistance as she relies heavily on her vehicle to get to appointments and complete her basic needs tasks such as shopping.

Cost: $1517.48

If you would like to help with this need please contact FISH, or use the PayPal link below.

What Created the need:

We are an Independent Living Skills (ILS) Services provider and this need is for a client of ours. Due to Data Privacy protections/laws, we are not able to release the individual’s name for this need and will act as an intermediary between anyone that wishes to help fulfill her need.

Amanda Myers
One Day at a Time Inc.
100 Fuller St S, Ste 135 Minnesota 55379

What is needed:
A client of mine, who is a single parent, just exited out of homelessness into her own apartment. She was doing great! She was hired for a job and was to begin working next week, but she was involved in a car accident. She only received cuts and bruises, but the car rolled a couple of times and is totaled. We are hoping to find her a vehicle ASAP to get her back to starting her new job. We are hoping someone has a used vehicle they would consider donating to her. She does not have much money in savings and would like to keep it there as it is the first time she has had a savings account. Any resources as to where we could also look for a car for her would also be appreciated! She has insurance.

Holly Lien
The Link – Passageways
13780 McKenna Rd NW MN 55372




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