FISH invites you to our 2nd Transportation

Luncheon and Discussion.

We had a strong turnout in February, and I want to keep working to help our community and individuals with car repair needs.  We would love to have you attend and bring anyone you might think would benefit from learning the needs of the community and how FISH is trying help. You can RSVP right now by using the link below.



Please read the recap from last month’s meeting.


Present:  Jane Wiley, Nathan Abney, Sara Grandy, MaryCarol Wolf, Carla Winder, Ken Davidson, Amy Tasto, Keith Chellsen, Kathy Bush, Krystina Werner, Zaynab Hadi, Yuni Montoyo, Dave Taylor, Sarah Hansen, Kris Residence, Gordon Deuel, Karen Perram, Mary Hernandez, Lisa Mein, Larry Bowen, Henry Koch, Astrid Martinez, Bethany Tjornhom, Jeanne Kubes

Bethany welcomed everyone to the meeting and mentioned that car repair needs are increasing and can have a domino effect on families.  Sara Grandy from Scott County Child Protection shared the story of a need she posted which was filled within a couple of hours.  She commented that FISH has been a huge resource for her department.

Keith Chellsen from Shakopee Community Assistance said they provide food and clothing items, and people donate to local food shelves, but not so much to transportation needs.  He suggested that people get an estimate and ask for help before putting money into a vehicle and look at the overall condition of the vehicle.

Carla Winder from the MOMS group said they host car clinics periodically for their clients and also have one day for free oil changes.  Pastor Henry Koch from Friedens ELC commented that there are several mechanics in his congregation, and they could do free oil changes too.  Ken Davidson said it’s important to have licensed and insured people performing the work.  Usually, it’s the shop that carries the insurance and it can run $2,500 a year.  Would a licensed mechanic donate his time for oil changes on his day off?

Kris from Allos Ministries operates Red Savoy Pizza and provides a home and jobs for people in recovery.  He wants to create jobs working on cars.  Someone else suggested that school mechanic classes might be a resource.  Scott County Transit has a couple of locations that could be used for auto maintenance.  Are there different places throughout the county that could do quarterly oil changes?

Mary Hernandez with Mi CASA (My House), which is located in New Creation Church in Shakopee and serves Hispanics in an area larger than just Scott County, said many of those they serve are afraid to go to shops because they are undocumented and don’t have a driver’s license or insurance.  However, shops shouldn’t need that information unless people are requesting a loaner vehicle.

Some shops specialize in certain types of repairs.  Pastor Gordon offered to help come up with a list of shops in Scott County that would be open to working with us on auto repairs.  We could keep track of the quality of work internally.  Two shops mentioned were ARC Automotive in Shakopee and Sebastian Automotive in Prior Lake.

Bethany said we could have another meeting in a month or plan an event to service cars.  Pastor Koch said he appreciated that needs we post have been vetted by the person who posts them.  Someone else said she has had vehicles she would like to have donated but what is the liability in that case?  Kathy Bush mentioned a program that CAP used to have, Getting There, which provided cars and car repairs, but it was discontinued some time ago.

After the meeting someone suggested asking for donations of coupons and/or money for oil changes at area shops.


The meeting concluded at 1:00 p.m.

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