We have good news about our car repair needs!  The catalytic converter need has been filled!   This help has made this families Christmas so much merrier and will help them in so many ways!   THANK YOU for your offer for help!  We still have the following needs that are open to be filled.

What is needed:

A single father of two children who is struggling to make ends meet, is need of $500 to repair the family car.   The father works but does not make enough money to get the car fixed, after other bills are paid.  The family has been struggling without a vehicle managing their day-to-day life. Need in Scott County: Single father of two in need of $500 to fix car. (fishpartnernetwork.org)

Deqo Ahmed

Scott County


(612) 346-8234


What is needed:
I’m working with a Shakopee family who has recently told me that they are going to need new tires for their car as winter approaches. They are aware that tires can cost a lot, but any donation would be helpful for this family, so that the dad can continue to drive safely to work and they will be able to make doctor’s appointments for their children. Mom stays home with the baby during the day, so they are on one income. Any financial donation for this family would be greatly appreciated!

Need in Scott County: Tires for a car (fishpartnernetwork.org)

Kimberly Weierke

Scott County
200 4th Ave W. Minnesota 55379
(612) 452-0479
email: kiweierke@co.scott.mn.us


What is needed:
When getting an oil change, techs told the Shakopee family their 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan needed a new water pump as this one will give out any day now. Any resources available? Maybe students/automotive class who can work on the vehicle? Anything will help!

Cassandra Johnson

Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community
2330 Sioux Trail NW Minnesota 55372
email: cassandra.johnson@shakopeedakota.org


What is needed:

I’m working with a young lady who had the catalytic converter stolen off of her car.  She continues to get pulled over because of noise violations.  She cannot afford to replace this converter.   She needs the car to get back and forth to work as she is a contributing financial member for her family.   This young lady is seeking assistance.  She would be very appreciative if someone could replace the catalytic converter but would be just as grateful if someone could “seal off the pipe” to help reduce the noise.

Need in Scott County: Automechanic Assistance (fishpartnernetwork.org)




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