Together we can help this child stay where she is safe and secure while her mom works hard at getting healthy again!

What is needed:
I am working with a mom who has recently gone to treatment and after living a life of instability, addiction and job insecurity. Because of this, the child has an over-due daycare balance. Moving forward the mother has people, supports (treatment, social workers, county workers, daycare) and a plan to ensure that she maintains her sobriety while also being a positive presence for her daughter. In order for help with her sobriety and be a positive presence for her daughter, this mother relies on daycare. The daycare enjoys working with this family and is able to help with a portion of the bill, however to keep this child there, any part of the remaining balance we want to try and cover. Any help towards this request would go to the daycare towards this child’s balance.

Cost: $600 – Donate Online Today!

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