What is needed:
Gift cards to Walmart (primarily) and McDonalds $20 increments, or monetary donations to purchase gift cards.

Cost: $420 – Donate Online Today

50 Days Left

What Created the need:
I work with a middle-aged female that has a severe and persistent mental illness as well as a developmental disability. She’s had a really hard life and has been in numerous placements since childhood. She’s worked so hard to overcome so many obstacles, and she’s been the most successful (stable and happy) she’s ever been at her current supported living placement. Unfortunately, due to legislative changes in funding there’s been a drastic cut in financial support the provider is receiving to care for the client. One of the things the placement was doing prior to these major financial changes was incentivizing the client to get out of the house and volunteer at a local nail salon. My client greeted the customers, got beverages for them, and folded towels. The home used their funds as an incentive to the client and she earned $20 per week in gift cards. My client enjoyed her volunteer work and earning gift cards to spend at her favorite places Walmart, and McDonalds. I’d love for a FISH partner to come alongside this client and assist in funding this volunteering incentive ongoing. Her provider and team are working hard to get more funding by seeking a new license. Unfortunately, the State is behind in processing these requests, and they are about 6 months out. My client is struggling with all the changes that have taken place due to the funding decrease. This would be a great way to help restore part of her normal routine.

Nichole Smith
Scott County
200 4th Ave W MN 55379


What is needed:
Young mom (age 27) from Shakopee, is currently living in Chaska in the Beyond New Beginnings supportive housing program, so she can afford to go to college. Her income is from MFIP, so it’s pretty limited. She drives a 2002 Ford Explorer to Hennepin Technical College (HTC) and brings her son to kindergarten 5 days a week.There was an attempt to remove the catalytic converter, but the thieves may have been interrupted so they left it hanging there (it drags). It’s not safe to drive and the muffler needs to be replaced, too. Breakdown: Rear converter $388, Muffler $139, Exhaust gasket $12.40, Clips $4.99, Gasket 10.35 LABOR $175 Supplies $17.50, Tax $42.20

Cost: $789.42 – Donate Online Today!

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What Created the need:
This mom is working hard to lift herself and her son out of poverty to an independent and comfortable future. She worked 5 years in the HVAC industry and decided she would like to go to college to work her way up the ladder in that field. She is studying Computer Aided Design and plans to become an engineer. She is a first generation college student and just started her second semester. Any financial support is welcome. Thanks!

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