Do you like pineapple on pizza?  Finally the debate has been brought to Scott County and the FISH Partner Network. This is a community event and we hope you will join in and submit your own video related to why pineapple does or doesn’t belong on pizza.  Along with that, you can vote for your favorite team and help support the important work we do at FISH! To get the party started we have representatives from both sides.  Representing team No, Never Ever Would I Eat Pineapple on Pizza, is Scott County Commissioner Jon Ulrich, and representing team YES Never Enough Pineapple on Pizza is Scott County resident and enthusiastic FISH supporter Julie Welch.  You can be the judge by viewing their opening statements in the links below.

Scott County Commissioner Jon Ulrich Says Vote NO!

Scott County resident Julie Welch says vote YES!

To see all the videos please use this link:


Each vote is $5.00, and all posted videos are free to submit.  We invite you to follow us on Facebook and watch as local celebrities, residents and community leaders cast  their votes and opinions on the great debate. To submit your video or vote please use the link below or QR Code on the flyer.


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