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Please read the following need and let’s team together and help this struggling family today.

Our network meets real needs right now and this family needs help right now!

If you would like to donate to this need, FISH will buy food and gas cards and also help pay for more nights at the Quality Inn.

Let’s partner together and bless this family and give them hope today!

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What is needed:
The family needs to stay at the hotel longer while looking for housing. They have run out of money for hotel, gas to go to work, and food. If anyone has Quality Inn points they would like to donate or money to pay for additional nights it would be appreciated. Gas and Grocery cards would be helpful. Their room is paid for till Monday by the church.

10 Days Left

What Created the need:
A family of three is homeless and staying at the Quality Inn in New Prague after being evicted. The dad is a retired national guard of 21 years. He had a heart attack about a year ago and that affected his job where he could no longer drive long distances and was let go. He recently got a job at Menards but has been sick with Pneumonia for weeks. He has just gone back to work this week. The mother is disabled after a tick bite, she acquired long-term Lyme disease. She has many painful symptoms and tends to fall. She suffers from severe depression. Their son is 12 years old and is autistic. He also has Lyme disease which was transferred in vitro through his mother’s pregnancy with him. This week the mother and son tested positive for Covid.

Mary Carol Wolf
St. Wenceslaus Catholic Parish
215 Main St. E Minnesota 56071
(952) 758-3225

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