Happy Wednesday everyone!

The last 2 weeks we have received many needs regarding gift cards for clothing for children, and gas that haven’t been filled yet. So here is a list of the needs we have currently for gift cards. Donate directly to the need and we will take care of getting the gift cards to where they need to be, or we would be happy to pick up gift cards you have purchased for these needs. Thanks!

What is needed:
I am working with a client who has been struggling financially to make ends meet. She recently reunited with her children, after they were in foster care for a significant amount of time, and she is planning for their back to school needs. She was able to utilize backpack supply donations but I would like to help her get the children a few new items of clothes to start their school year, fresh, and back together as a family.

Cost: $400 – Donate Online Today!

What is needed:
I am working with a father who recently granted custody of his son. This father is eager to be a successful provider for his son; he is currently working 11 hour days to try and make ends meet. He is driving more frequently and further than normal due to this custody change. He is looking for a daycare for his kiddo; however, he will still be driving a lot as he will be the one bringing his son to and from daycare in addition to bringing kiddo to his grandma’s house so that extended family relationships stay intact and present for this young boy. While this father works on building up his savings, which are currently depleted, any grocery gift cards and gas gift cards would be extremely appreciated. Thank you in advance!


What is needed: I am working with a gentleman who is attending treatment for his recovery and doing exceptional. He has just obtained a job that will work around all of his numerous medical appointments and treatment sessions. This job will require driving from one place to another. Until he receives a couple paychecks it will be difficult to purchase enough gas to allow him to work the hours he needs to remain self sufficient and pay his bills. It has been very difficult for him to find a job that offered the flexibility and pay he would need to meet all of his significant medical and recovery needs. If there are any who are willing and able to donate gas cards to help this person work that would be amazing!

Cost: $200



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