Good afternoon everyone!  As we are all working together do our part in keeping our community safe and healthy, FISH would like to be able to keep our network updated on services being offered and if you have needs that can be met to help facilitate your outreach.  We will be sending a daily update to our network in hopes this aids in communication and meeting needs.  Please let us know what services you are offering and the help you are needing.

Please email us at:

Thank you for your generous support of FISH and helping our community and neighbor’s in their time of need.  Please use the link below to see all the FISH needs filled!

Here are the latest needs that were filled in September.

Can You Help Fill this Need?

What is needed:
UPDATE: STILL NEEDED – A client of mine, who is a single parent, just exited out of homelessness into her own apartment. She was doing great! She was hired for a job and was to begin working next week, but she was involved in a car accident. She only received cuts and bruises, but the car rolled a couple of times and is totaled. We are hoping to find her a vehicle ASAP to get her back to starting her new job. We are hoping someone has a used vehicle they would consider donating to her. She does not have much money in savings and would like to keep it there as it is the first time she has had a savings account. Any resources as to where we could also look for a car for her would also be appreciated! She has insurance.

If you want to help, please contact:

Holly Lien
The Link – Passageways
13780 McKenna Rd NW MN 55372

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