I have an older “tube” TV–not a flatscreen, not digital. Viewing screen is about 19 inches. Brand: Insignia.
I also have some furnishings for a kids’ (boys) room, from Target a few years ago, including a couple of large metal “bins” on wheels (industrial looking), 1 red & 1 navy blue, good for toys or other storage.
And, 3 wood storage bins, like for books or crafting supplies: 1 lg. red one & 2 small navy ones…1 side of each bin has a chalkboard on it.
I also have:
4-cup drip coffee maker, white, a bit coffee stained, but generally good.
George Foreman grill, small countertop variety.
A large digital clock with day/date display (wall or tabletop)
A bathroom scale.
A “boom box” with radio & cassette (no DVD) & some old music cassettes.

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