So far we have $100 donated to this need!

Let’s close this need and help this family.

What is needed:
$500 August rent ($400 left is needed)

Cost: $400 – Donate Online Today!

What Created the need:
I am working with a single parent. This family experienced some household changes a little over a month ago and as a result, the household went from a dual income to a single income. Parent also had a recent surgery that took them out of work for over a month and then once they were able to return to work it was for limited hours at first. Recently, they have gone back to work full-time, but won’t have enough on their first paycheck to make a full rental payment for August. Parent believes they will have $1000 to apply to their rent but could really use help with the remaining $500. They believe since they are back at work full-time that this will be a one time need. Any help towards this would be greatly appreciated.

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