We have a special need today, at the Allos Opportunity home in Shakopee, there is a young man who is 19 and is recently out of homelessness. You may remember a few months back a need going out for a welcome home basket for this young man. Which, by the way, thank you to all who donated to it. It was definitely something he has never experienced before. But this current young man expressed that he has never received an education past a 5th-6th grade level. Although he attended school, he was always put in special ed even though he has no disabilities or set backs. He currently bikes to work every night to be the janitor at Canterbury, and is working to get his license at the end of the month. This educational set back is due to his mom being an addict his whole life, and bouncing from boyfriend to boyfriends house with her from a young age. But he would like to learn basic reading and math skills to help him move up in life. We are looking for someone who has a passion for tutoring or teaching that would be able to volunteer their time, and help this bright young man learn to read well, spell, math, grammar and any other area he might need to grow in. Some sort of teaching, tutoring, or educational background would be helpful in this situation so you would be able to see his strengths and weaknesses. Thank you for your consideration!


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200 4th Avenue West
Shakopee, MN