What is needed:

Mike graduated Teen Challenge a week ago and we are still trying to find him a place to live. In the meantime, he will be paying $250/week to stay at a hotel. Our goal is to help him find a place to live where he can take his kids back as they are currently living with extended family. We are asking for gas gift cards to make sure he can get to and from work and money to help him with a security deposit when we do find him a place to live.

What Created the need:
He is a client with us at Allos Ministries and we will work with him towards his continued success in and after recovery. He is employed at one of our restaurants, so we are able to work very closely with him every day of the week to make sure he is doing what is needed to overcome his past. He was an addict but has graduated from a long-term inpatient treatment facility. We are now working with him to achieve his goals and desires to lead a “normal” life.

KRIS Residence
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email: kris@allosministries.com


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