What is needed:
UPDATE: STILL NEEDED – Parent is in need of assistance of a handyperson to assist with installing a door on her son’s bedroom frame. Parent is seeking free assistance or discounted help if free assistance is not available.   No materials are needed. Parent will supply all materials and cover costs of materials.

To help with this need please contact: Alexander Arana,  Scott County. 200 Fourth Avenue West MN 55379.    email: aarana@co.scott.mn.us



What is needed:
I have a great family who is down on their luck. The main income is SSDI thus leaving finances very tight for this family of 6- 4 being children. The issue here is there is only one parent who can drive and he has an outstanding legal fee of 190 that must be paid to reinstate his license. They have undertaken a part time income but this just barely helps meet rent. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Cost: $190 – Donate Online Today!

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200 4th Avenue West
Shakopee, MN