What is needed:
UPDATE: INSURANCE PAID – THANK YOU! STILL NEED $600 FOR TIRES: I am working with a woman who is need of tires for her vehicle as well as assistance in meeting some of her monthly bills (car insurance, phone bill, food, medication etc.). She is in the process of applying for SSDI and if granted, that will stabilize her income. She is a caretaker to her parents who both have medical conditions as well as the mother of two young adults who currently live with her and have their own medical challenges. She currently works as a Lyft driver when she is well enough to do so and is the only available driver in her family. This woman has been challenged for the past few years and this assistance would greatly reduce her burden to drive worry free with new tires as well as relieve stress from trying to get Lyft rides to met the next day’s expenses. She is working hard to be connected to help in the community as well as working with a financial counselor to plan more than a day ahead for expenses and take care of other financial issues.

What Created the need:
This woman was attacked from a Lyft rider in the past year and deals with short term memory loss as well as other medical issues. She has accepted that disability assistance is needed even though she wants to work and give back to others. She supports four additional family members in daily living activities. If she is approved for disability, the income stability will eliminate the need for future help. She is also working to get her family members connected to services so she is not responsible for their needs and can become a support person instead of the main person.

Cost: $716 – Donate Online Today!


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