Good afternoon everyone.  As we are all working together do our part in keeping our community safe and healthy, FISH would like to be able to keep our network updated on services being offered and if you have needs that can be met to help facilitate your outreach.  We will be sending a daily update to our network in hopes this aids in communication and meeting needs.  Please let us know what services you are offering and the help you are needing.

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The following needs have been filled through FISH! Thank you for your generosity!          FISH NEEDS FILLED

The Minnesota Statewide Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) is working to assist long-term care/assisted living facilities in identifying licensed and unlicensed staff to meet imminent staffing needs related to the COVID-19 response.  These are temporary shift positions paid for by the facilities.  The SEOC is compiling a list of potential staff to fill RN, LPN, and unlicensed personnel (nursing assistants, EMS, ancillary staff) positions across the State and will help connect those on the list with long-term care/assisted living facilities in need of staff.  For those interested in temporary, paid positions, please email your name, address, phone number, type of licensed/unlicensed role you could fill, and any limitations on your availability (i.e. weekends only, etc.)  Thank you for your assistance.

Cara Madsen  Scott County Volunteer & Community Coordinator

The Licensed Family Child Care Providers of Scott County are working extremely hard to stay open in order to provide care for the children of Scott County, especially those of essential workers. In order to remain open, it is vital that they have cleaning and sanitizing items. Child Care Providers are open long hours (10-12 hours per day) in order to accommodate the needs of their essential worker clients. As such, they are unable to get to stores early in the day when their needed supplies are most likely to be available. Would you consider helping them out? Every cleaning product is so deeply appreciated and needed. Thank you!

We have reached out to our providers to determine what vital supplies they are currently in need of: Disinfecting spray – Community of Jordan – 3 providers in need Disinfecting wipes – Community of Jordan – 2 providers in need, Community of Savage – 1 provider in need Baby wipes – Community of Jordan – 2 providers in need Gloves – Community of Savage – 1 provider in need Paper towels – Community of Shakopee – 1 provider in need Items will be received by Scott County Child Care Licensing and then distributed to the providers in need. Thank you!

Alison Rahn Scott County email:

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