The following needs have been filled through FISH! Thank you for your generosity!

Posted by: Scott County Affiliate
Filled by: Jordan Community Outreach and NAMI Scott County
I am working with a single dad who is working very hard to manage a serious health condition while holding a job and parenting his 5 year-old girl. His work and parenting responsibilities create the need for quite a bit of driving. Of great concern is that he is driving with unsafe, severely worn tires, and he cannot afford new ones. He is living from pay check to pay check.

Posted by: Scott County Affiliate
Filled by: Shakopee Community Assistance
I am working with a mom who is in the process of getting a job. She is hoping to be working soon but in the meantime is in need of warmer clothing for herself and her one year old child. Any help towards this is very much appreciated!

Posted by: CAP Affiliate
Filled by: CAP Affiliates
Young Homeless couple is in need of a bed (preferably a queen or bigger) and some bedroom furniture such as a dresser, shelves and lamps. They were just accepted into their first apartment and will be moving in November 1st. They have been on the streets for more than a year and do not have anything but their clothes and things to put in the place.

Posted by: Scott County Affiliate
Filled by: Affiliate of BCR Lawyers
I am currently working with a youth in placement who hasn’t ever been shopping for herself and would benefit from funds to be able to purchase some bras and underwear to assist with her self esteem and personal hygiene. Youth currently only has undergarments that are too small for her. Youth is at an age where self-image and hygiene is very important and it would be great to take her shopping to be able to get her some appropriately fitting undergarments that she will not have to share with her siblings. It would be most beneficial to have a visa gift card that the youth is able to use to obtain the needed items.

Posted by: Scott County Affiliate
Filled by: Acts of Friendship, Friendship Church
The family is in need of a full or queen bed for their daughter who is 12 years old. She is currently sleeping on a day bed which she is outgrowing quickly.

Posted by: Scott County Affiliate
Filled by: Shakopee Community Assistance & Community Members
I am working with a young family who is in need of an infant carseat and diapers. They recently moved back to Minnesota from Washington and when they came they had to leave behind all of the baby items they had acquired because there was no room in the vehicle. They are in the process of getting settled here in Minnesota and resources are limited. Their little baby boy is due right after Christmas. While a carseat and diapers are the most pressing needs, the family could also use other baby items like clothing and toys.

Posted by: St Wenceslaus Catholic Church, New Prague
Filled by: Shakopee Community Assistance and Every Child, Every Church
Mother of 2 is in dire need of a car repair on her 01 Chevy Tracker (front left sway bar). She also needs diapers for her son (size 6). Unemployment and disability issues have greatly affected her families ability to finance even the small things.

Posted by: Scott County Affiliate
Filled by: Donations from Sts. Joachim and Anne Parish and an Anonymous Donation
I am working with a Native American mother who is working on stabling housing and employment. This mother has received a housing voucher and has meetings schedule, work, therapy with her son, individual therapy, and visits scheduled. Having a car for one more week would allow for her to complete these items. Additionally this mom, has a past due bill to the CDA that is a huge barrier to obtaining safe housing. Any help towards this balance would be very helpful.

Posted by: Scott County CDA Affiliate
Filled by: Affiliates of St Wenceslaus Catholic Church, Scott County, CAP Agency, FISH and Community Members
Client is exiting homelessness after a year and a half. She is a single mother with three children and she has no household items at all. Any help with any of these household items would be very appreciated! Household items including: Pots, pans, baking sheets, towels and washcloths (for both the kitchen and bathroom), shower curtain and rings, bathroom rug, entryway rug, dishes, cups, silverware, cooking utensils, bowls, dish drying rack, kitchen knives, sheets for twin beds, pillows, comforters, toilet paper, paper towels, common spices, microwave, toaster, trashcans, trash bags, cleaning supplies. Furniture: table and chairs, beds/mattresses/air beds (there are donated beds coming for the kids but they will need something temporary until these arrive).
Feedback from Family: The family is so appreciative of all the many items that were donated! She and her kids finally feel like they have a home.

Posted by: ROCK – Reaching Our Community’s Kids (Prior Lake-Savage Schools Nonprofit)
Filled by: Affiliate of Living Joy Lutheran Church
2 high school students need graphing calculators for math.

Posted by: Scott County HHS Affiliate
Filled by: Next Chapter Technology
A 50 year old client of mine has a diagnosis of lymphedema along with a history of other complicated medical issues. lymphedema is a chronic condition that left untreated can lead to infections and wounds. Her Certified Lymphedema therapist through Fairview has tried other forms of therapies but those have not worked. She is now recommending a Velcro compression device. The client’s income is limited as she is on social security and Medicare does not cover the cost of these devices.

Posted by: Scott County HHS Affiliate
Filled by: Two Affiliates of St. Michael’s Catholic Church, Sts. Joachim and Anne Catholic Parish and an Anonymous Donation
Dawn (single mother) and her family with young children have been living in a home with mold. She has made every effort possible to move her family into a home that is safer. Her current landlord is not willing to fix the mold issues in Dawn’s current home, or allow her to move into a different home they have available. Due to the mold two of her son’s now have asthma and she has been suffering from upper respiratory infections. Dawn secured a home in Farmington to move on 10/1 and this fell through. She is now searching again for a safe home she can afford for her and her children. Dawn’s housing assistance will no longer assist her in paying for her November rent until she secures a mold free home. Dawn is unable to pay the rent in November without this support. Dawn is also suffering financially as she has submitted many applications costing her $75 each time. Please consider helping this family who has been struggling since August to secure housing they desperately need. Dawn has been fighting so hard to get her family what they need. Once Dawn secures housing, her housing assistance will be reinstated and she will be able to continue to afford the rent payment as she has in the past without the need of assistance. This is a hardship/unforeseen circumstance Dawn has been battling over the last 3 months.

Posted by: CAP Agency Affiliate
Filled by: Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church Affiliate
Client was working and paying rent until 2 years ago their health plummeted. Client needed major surgery and was hospitalized for a while. Client therefore was unable to work and afford housing. Client is now on disability and working towards finding stability and improving their health.

Posted by: FISH
Filled by: Next Chapter Technology
Veteran living on a very tight budget needs gas cards so he can make his scheduled doctor appointments at the VA . Because of his current situations he was not able to receive the shot he needs for his mental health. This veteran needs his by-weekly shot to help him with his metal health issues so he can lead a stable life.

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