Thank you so much for your continued support and changing the lives of people everyday.
Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate
Filled by:  Sts. Joachim & Anne Parish
I have a client who is trying so hard to exit an abusive relationship.  She lives with her two children now in Jordan away from this person but the divorce cannot move forward until a $150.00 fee for mediation services that are required by the district court.  She is working two jobs to make ends meet but with inflation and gas prices there is nothing leftover.
Posted by:  Holy Trinity UMC, Prior Lake
Flled by:  Anonymous Donation
A young man came to our church asking for assistance with rent and his car payment.  He has just begun working again and is in-between paychecks.  He requested $672 for help with current and back rent (his rent was raised without his knowledge and he is in arrears for those additional amounts).   The total need for his monthly rent and back payments was $972; he paid $300.  He also asked for help with his car payment until he receives his next paycheck.  He pays $172 every two weeks to CarHop.  $344 would help him for the next month.  This young man is finding jobs through a temp agency.  A good amount of his available funds is going to pay for gas to get him to his new job in Farmington.  The arrears he is facing on his rent (Pike Lake Apartments) is due to miscommunication or non-communication with the agency which raised his rent.  He desperately wants to get back on track and be proactive, not waiting to receive an eviction notice before taking action.
Posted by: Scott County HHS affiliate
Filled by: Annonymous
Client has been experiencing homelessness with her young son for about a year. She moved into a safe place this past weekend and plans are in place to start an additional treatment program within a week that should help her increase safety and stability for herself and her son. She has one bill left outstanding and that is her cell phone bill of $363.82. Having a phone will be essential to working with her treatment team and other services. She will also be planning to obtain employment. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
Posted by: Scott County Affiliate
Filled By: Annonymous
I am working with a single mother of three young kids who works very hard to provide for her kids. She was recently able to obtain housing, which has added an extra expense. Despite this new expense, this mother continues to provide and support for her kids by herself. This mother recently ran into some car issues and needs some support in getting her car fixed. Her brake pads and rotar need to be replaced so that she can continue to transport herself and her kids to work, activities for the kids, and appointments. This mother has family members who are able to do the labor, so she only needs help in affording the car parts, which she expects to be $150. She is planning to get parts from O’Reillys. This mother would also benefit from any support via gift cards for grocery and/or gas, so that the money that she saves on groceries and gas can be put toward her car repairs. She works hard to do things independently and support herself and her kids; however, she is needing a bit of extra support for a short period of time. Any support would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!
Posted by: Link’s Passage Way Shelter
Filled by: Anonymous 
The Link’s Passageways shelter is in need of twin size mattresses. We have added a couple of rooms to our shelter and have also had to throw some older ones out. any new or gently used mattresses would be greatly appreciated.
Posted by: Scott County HHS Affiliate
Filled by: SCA
A Shakopee man needs new clothes for a fresh start! He is currently living out of his vehicle and has applied to a second job with a specific dress code. He is humbly asking for a Walmart gift card to purchase new clothing and personal care items. Any amount would be appreciated.
Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate
Filled by:   WIC, Family Resource Center, and 2 Individuals
9 month old infant that can only be fed thru a tube needs Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease formula.  This baby responds poorly to alternatives.  Family’s financial resources are very limited.  Enough formula was provided to feed this baby for the short term.  Many thanks to all that have helped!  
Posted by:  CAP Agency
Filled by:  FISH, and Affiliates of St. Michael’s Catholic Church and FISH
Project Community Connect (PCC) planning is well underway.  We are anticipating that our event is going to be well-attended since we have not had this event since 2019 (due to COVID).  Those of you that do not know what PCC is, it is a community event that offers a one-stop location for direct services to residents of Scott and Carver counties who are “living on little,” those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.  We provide free healthcare services, employment assistance education, legal assistance, veteran services, housing information, haircuts, and assistance obtaining birth certificates, driver licenses and identification cards.  Resources and information were available from agencies that provide food support, energy assistance, educational opportunities, social services, mental health and chemical dependency services. Transportation to the event and childcare at the event were provided.  We need YOUR help to make this event a success.  Please help to bless those in our communities by considering a monetary donation.  Donations will be used to purchase needed items for this event such as food, gas cards, underwear/socks, full sized bottles of hygiene items, bus tokens for future use, funds to add to client’s Transportation Assistance Program (TAP) cards, hotel vouchers for those living in the street, etc.  
Posted by:  U of M Extension Affiliate
Filled by:  Affiliates of St. Michael’s Catholic Church, Cully’s Coin Laundry, Scott County CDA and a Member of Sts. Joachim & Anne Parish
 I am working with a woman who is need of tires for her vehicle as well as assistance in meeting some of her monthly bills (car insurance, phone bill, food, medication  etc.). She is in the process of applying for SSDI and if granted, that will stabilize her income. She is a caretaker to her parents who both have medical conditions as well as the mother of two young adults who currently live with her and have their own medical challenges. She currently works as a Lyft driver when she is well enough to do so and is the only available driver in her family.  (Paid insurance through FISH)
Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate
Filled by:  St. Michael’s Catholic Church Affiliate
I’m working with a young girl who was assaulted in her bed by a family member.  This young lady is now having  a hard time sleeping in the bed and is experiencing nightmares.  Her mother would like  a new mattress for her daughter however is on a fixed income and unable to purchase one.  This delightful young lady would appreciate a new mattress.
Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate
Filled by:  River Valley Nursing Center
Client in need of a much needed inhaler to help control asthma (Fluticasone Propionate).  The cheapest option for this inhaler is $95 on GoodRx.  Family recently moved to MN to escape the socioeconomic and political crisis in Venezuela.  Currently applying for citizenship.
Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate
Filled by:  Frieden’s Evangelical Lutheran Church and an Affiliate of Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church
A young mother just left an unsafe relationship with her young son and is in the process of getting into services for mental health and domestic violence. She is also hoping to schedule a fun sport for her and her son to do together. This mother is hoping to get to a support group and schedule other events. A paper planner and a gas card to get to services, supports and schedule fun things to look forward. A paper planner would be helpful to help see what she has to look forward to.
Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate
Filled by:  Frieden’s Evangelical Lutheran Church
I am working with a mother and her three children who would love to be able to spend time together as a family at the pool this summer.  They live in Belle Plaine and are in need of things to do but don’t have the funding to obtain a season pass to the aquatic center.  Finances are extremely tight and the mother is a survivor of domestic violence.  Since she has become a single income household, there is less funding for the family to spend on fun activities.   Both the mother and her children are working to rebuild their life and family and family time at the pool would be a great opportunity for them.
Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate
Filled by:  Sts. Joachim & Anne Parish, Affiliates of St. Michael’s Catholic Church and New Market Bank, and an Anonymous Donation
Support with moving expenses are being requested for a family who has to move to a larger apartment. The great-grandmother of two children has taken physical custody of them and needs to move unexpectedly from her one-bedroom apartment to a different apartment that offers a 3-bedroom apartment to accommodate the now family of three.  Her apartment building only offers one bedrooms, so she is forced to move elsewhere in order to care for the two children and provide an appropriate space for them to sleep. The grandmother is unable to cover the financial the moving costs due to having only social security income and is requesting support in paying for moving costs. The total cost for the moving truck and movers is $1,063.75.  The great-grandmother is elderly and only receives her social security income.  The moving costs are being put on her credit card but she has no way to pay them off. She had been in a subsidized apartment building that only offered one-bedrooms. Once the family is moved the issue should be resolved.
Posted by:  Allos Ministries
Filled by:  Anonymous Donation
The Allos Home in Shakopee is in need of a lawnmower. The house has 6 men who have come out of homelessness and/or addiction and they rotate weekly on who gets to mow the lawn. It is a therapeutic chore for the men in the house. It gets them outside and engaged in a “normal” activity that they have never gotten to do as they have never been homeowners.
Currently we have one lawn mower that we are bringing back and forth between two houses.  Any used mower or donations to buy a lawnmower would be appreciated.
Posted by:  CAP Agency Affiliate
Filled by:  Anonymous Donation
Woman in our community is in need of a bus ticket to return back to California. She was arrested and brought to Minnesota on a warrant and is now stuck here without a home and without any family ties to help her out. She has worked with the courts to get a transfer of her probation and that has been granted however she has no way to return to California. She has been living outside since her release last week. Please consider a donation to try to get her back to California. We are hopeful to help her out and get her out of homelessness in a place that she knows nothing about. We are open to use any bus service, client does not have an ID so we would need to make sure that the bus company would be willing to let her on. She does have a receipt for the application for her ID which has been a bit faded but does have her picture and information on it.  Client has an RV that she lives in over in San Diego. She also has employment that she is able to connected with so that she will be able to take care of herself financially.
Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate
Filled by:  Sts. Joachim & Anne Parishioner
A single-parent family of 11 is at risk of homelessness due to severe financial difficulties that indicate a high level of poverty. The family has found a house to rent and hopes to pay an application fee of $108 by this Friday July 8th in order to regain housing stability. The family was informed that the house is still available for rent and is seeking assistance to cover this application fee of $108. This family will likely be without stable housing after this week, when they are expected to leave their current rental home.
Posted by:  CAP Agency Affiliate
Filled by:  Sts. Joachim & Anne Affiliate
A single, male senior who has been hospitalized numerous times over the last 2 years due to periodic falls, needs a washing machine to maintain his independence.  He has a dryer but his washing machine failed a few years back and now he has to use the expensive laundromat, which is hard for him to haul his wet clothes back to his home for the drying portion.  The volunteer assigned to assist him in grocery shopping and cleaning his home, reports that he is not changing clothes very often due to his lack of ability to launder them and has accumulated many months of dirty clothes.  Another volunteer offered to hook-up the washer if he received the necessary funds.  It would greatly enhance his ability to remain in his home and keep more of his resources for food and his medical expenses.  Any donation would be appreciated.  He has been feeling hopeless and during one episode of his falling, he laid on his floor for seven days before someone found him  He is working with the county to remedy his health impairments and has offers for continual assistance with yard, cleaning and grocery shopping.  He is 73 and has many more years to live if he can find the support he needs.
Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate
Filled by:  Anonymous Donation
I am working with a family in a single parent household. The family has recently moved into an apartment after selling the family home due to the parents divorce. Mom has limited income as she is unemployed and is in the process of a social security appeal. The 12 year old son has been struggling with the change in environment and moving into an apartment setting. He has been sleeping on the couch rather than his room as it feels more like home. He identified utilizing a “sensory body sock” in the past but said the one he had no longer fits him. I am hoping to get an amazon gift card to be able to purchase him a new sensory body sock. The prices range $30-50 depending on the size.
Posted by:  Scott County HHS Affiliate
Filled by:  St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church
We are working with a single dad of four children who has full custody. The father is doing all he can on his own while struggling with his own mental health. The children have their own needs and at times the father is very overwhelmed. The family is using all the resources they know how to but with living in the country, no transportation and a limited support group, it can feel isolating. The father has to pay a delivery person a fee plus tip to get groceries to his home and cannot simply drive the kids to a park. The father is hoping to get his car repaired so he can take the children to do activities, get groceries, and go to other appointments such as therapy.

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